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    22 October 2019

    Hacktober Fest Noida 2019

    Hacktober Fest  Noida 2019

    Hacktober fest 2019 Noida was organized on 19 October in Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

    The event was open for all who want to know more about Laravel and everyone is excited to listen to the speakers.

    Where many participants from the developer community, Business enthusiasts participated.

    Here we go – Hacktober Fest Noida 2019

    Finally, Mr. Saurav Pathak started the event by sharing the importance of Laravel and the Open-source project in the current scenario.

    He also shares information about the Bagisto eCommerce platform that is also built on the top of Laravel. and its achievements that are achieved by Bagisto in a very short interval of time.

    hactober fest noida 2019

    Then the time came for what all were waiting for, the time to welcome the first speaker, Mr Lalit Vijay. He shares information about the importance of Hacktober fest and Open-source and he also shares the information about how Microsoft has changed after adopting the open-source and the value of Laravel in the open-source ecosystem.

    He also shares the importance of the pair programming. This was really a nice and very informative talk presented by Mr Lalit Vijay.

    hactober fest noida 2109

    After that our host announced the next step in the meetup and called our next speaker of the event Mr Sarthak Srivastav. who shares his knowledge about the Multiple Authentication in Laravel.

    He also shares his experience about how his youtube channel Bitfumes began and rise
    That was really a great and motivational experience shared by Mr Sarthak Srivastav.

    hactober fest noida

    The last speaker of the event was Mr. Prashant Singh. Who shares the information about the Bagisto eCommerce package and how the journey of Bagisto starts from the very beginning.

    hactober fest  2019

    After Mr Prashant Singh’s presentation, There was break time and all the attendees had pizza and cold drinks.

    The attendees of the Hacktober fest were asking to make pull requests that were open to all developers, testers, etc.
    There were a total of 7 pull-requests to Bagisto in the first Hacktober event. And that is really a great thing for the Bagisto team.

    hactober fest

    Finally, we captured the moment of all the attendees in a single frame.

    hactober fest 2019

    Thanks to everyone to make it successful!! We got positive responses from all our Attendees. We are also planning to continue this trend in the Future.

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