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    Grant Account login access in salesforce

    Updated 1 October 2019

    Grant Account login access in salesforce is a powerful feature provide by salesforce. Sometimes you may have queries or issues with salesforce itself or the applications you have installed in your salesforce org. In order to assist you with the issue, you can grant account login access to the support or other Provider support whose applications you have installed in your org for a definite time.

    In this way support can login into your org, using your login and can fix the issues you are facing. This is a hassle free way, which avoids sharing your Salesforce Credentials.

    How To Grant Account Login Access in Salesforce

    To Grant Account login access in Salesforce you can follow these simple steps :

    Step:1 Go to-> Grant Account login access option in your personal setup. you likely to find ‘Personal Setup’ , at one of these places-

    • In Lighting Experience, it is under settings->My personal Information->Grant Account login access.Grant Login Access
    • In the the older salesforce classic setup it is Setup-> Personal Information-> Grant Account login access.
      Grant Login Access - Salesforce - Developer Edition
    • In the the newer salesforce classic setup it is My Settings > Personal > Grant Account login access.webkul salesforce support

    Step:2 Select the Access duration.that is, How long you want support to have access of your account and save.access time

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    After saving this the Support will able to login in your account.

    Additional Important Information

      • You cannot grant login access if you’re logged in as another individual through their login access. For example, a System Administrator cannot login as their end user and Grant Login Access to Salesforce Support. Similarly, if the Admin has the feature “Organization Admins can Login as Any User” privilege, Salesforce Support cannot login as a System Admin and then login as any User in their Organization. If Support needs access to both the end user and the Admin’s account, both the Admin and end User will need to grant access separately.


      • You have the option to either go back in multiple times and grant login access or you can grant a month as an option. It is whatever you are most comfortable with providing. Also once your case has been closed you are encouraged to go back in and set the access back to “No Access”.


    • You can’t grant access to certain support organizations if your administrator has set up restrictions or a packaged application’s license prevents it.


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