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    Field Accessibility in Salesforce

    Field Accessibility in Salesforce is a very important feature in Salesforce. Field accessibility is used to control field level access for different user profiles.

    Factors Controlling Field Accessibility

    There are Various factors that defines field level accessibility i.e. whether users can view and edit specific fields in Salesforce or not. You can control users’ access to fields at the record type, user, or field level.

    • Page layouts—Set whether fields are visible, required, editable, or read only for a particular record type.
    • Field-level security—Further restrict users’ access to fields by setting whether those fields are visible, editable, or read only. These settings override field properties set in the page layout if the field-level security setting is more restrictive.
    • Permissions—Some user permissions override both page layouts and field-level security settings. For example, users with the “Edit Read Only Fields” permission can always edit read-only fields regardless of any other settings.
    • Universally required fields—Override field-level security or any less-restrictive settings on page layouts by making a custom field universally required.After setting these item.

    How to change field level accessibility in Salesforce

    Step 1. Go to setup and type field accessibility in quick search box.

    Field accessibility

    Step 2. Now click the object, you want to change field accessibility for.

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    Step 3. Next page will show two options. view by fields and view by profiles.

    View by profiles shows field accessibility of all the fields of an object for selected profile (like here field accessibility of all the fields of Account are shown for system administrator profile).

    Field Accessibility- Account - Salesforce - Developer Edition (1)

    View by fields let you see field accessibility of selected field for all user profiles (like here field accessibility of annualRevenue field is shown for all User profiles).

    Field Accessibility- Account - Salesforce - Developer Edition

    Step 4. To change field accessibility click on the field access,a page will open.

    Field Accessibility- Account - Salesforce - Developer Edition (3)

    Step 5. You can make field visible, required or read only from here.

    Access Settings for Account Field- Annual Revenue - Salesforce - Developer Edition

    Step 6. Save You changes. And you are done.

    Group and professional Editions does not offer field accessibility.Here field accessibility is controlled by page layouts.If a field is added to layout it is accessible to user otherwise not. To change accessibility in these Editions

    1.Go to page layout of an object and add field to the layout by drag and drop

    Edit Page Layout- Account Layout - Salesforce - Developer Edition

    2. Save this Layout.To control accessibility at profile level in such Editions please create different layouts assign them to each profile accordingly.

    To learn more about Data Visibility, you can follow Salesforce who sees what series from here.


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