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    Features According To Marketplace Seller Shipping Version

    Updated 16 June 2016

    Features According To Marketplace Seller Shipping Version:- There are many features added in our marketplace seller shipping module to help sellers to create their own shipping methods and set their own rates. We are continuously in process of updating our module. Each and every version has its own functionalities. To help Admin to distinguish the features in the updated versions, we have listed all the features according to the marketplace version.

    Refer :- To know more about the marketplace seller shipping module go to


    • The top most panel is the latest version of the marketplace seller shipping module.
    • The features listed in the versions are the features added to those versions
    • The updated versions include the features of older versions also.

    Version 2.1.0

    • Now seller can add shipping transit time in multi-language.
    • Admin can also add seller shipping methods with multi-language transit time.
    • Admin can enable/disable the manual approval of seller shipping methods.
    • Admin can select whether to send the mail to seller when seller shipping method is approved by admin or not.
    • Admin can select whether to receive the mail whenever seller shipping method is created.

    Version 2.0.2

    • Admin can assign own shipping methods to all the admin’s products at once.
    • Admin can assign own shipping methods to all the seller products.
    • Seller can set the default shipping method for newly added products.

    version 2.0.0

    • Seller can create shipping methods. Seller can add their own shipping charges.
    • Created shipping methods has to be approved by admin.
    • Seller can give basic price for each continent.
    • Seller can add handling cost to the shipping methods.
    • Seller can create free shipping methods.
    • Seller can add impact price based on zones-country-state.
    • Seller can assign a unique shipping method to the products being added.
    • In case seller does not assign any shipping method to products, then by default the first available shipping method is assigned to product.
    • Buyers will have the opportunity to choose from the available shipping methods.


    • Our marketplace addon versions varies according to advance marketplace version.
    • We have marketplace addon version 2.1.x compatible to “Marketplace version 2.1.x” and We have marketplace addon version 2.0.x compatible to “marketplace version 2.0.x”
    • Upgrading the addon version 2.0.x to version 2.1.x is not an easy process as we have updated the current version 2.1.x compatible to marketplace 2.1.x. To do so we have to uninstall the older version, delete it and then install the current version. If you have live website then this is not feasible solution as you will loose all your data and customization.
    • If you want to have the new functionality in your older version of the module, then you can raise your ticket at  We can add the new functionalities in your older version and it might be considered as paid customization depending on functionality.


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