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    Fashion Tryon App for Shopify by Webkul

    Updated 19 October 2023

    Virtual try-on is a technology-driven experience that allows users to virtually try on various products, such as clothing, accessories, eyewear, makeup, or even furniture, without physically being present in a store or trying on the actual items. It utilizes augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or a combination of both to create an interactive and immersive virtual environment.

    Overall, virtual try-on technology is transforming the way people shop for products that require visual evaluation before purchase, enabling a more personalized and interactive shopping experience in a digital way

    We as Webkul, introduced a Fashion Tryon Application for the Shopify merchant, with the help of the Virtual Try-on application you can create virtual products on your store with the AI technology

    Advantages of the Virtual Try-On

    Virtual try-on, also known as virtual fitting or virtual fitting room, offers several advantages for both businesses and customers. Here are some of the key advantages of virtual try-on:

    1. Enhanced customer experience
    2. Increased convenience
    3. Better decision-making
    4. Personalization and customization
    5. Cost and resource efficiency
    6. Social sharing and marketing opportunities
    7. Reduced environmental impact

    Overall, virtual try-on offers a range of benefits that enhance the shopping experience, increase customer satisfaction, and provide cost savings for businesses.

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    Check the video mentioned below for an overview of the Fashion Tryon App for Shopify by Webkul:


    Features of Fashion Try-On

    The main features are listed below please check:

    • The admin and the Shopify merchant can import the product into the virtual try-on app for creating the virtual try functionality product.
    • The Shopify merchant can create a single service on a single product.
    • The Admin can add three services Bindi, Lipstick, and Sunglasses.
    • On the front end, the customer will check the product virtually via AI in 2D form.

    How to configure Fashion Tryon Application?


    Select Theme:

    • Under the section, you will get a drop-down option where the theme list will be visible that is added to your Shopify store theme library.
    • Also, you will get a code that you need to paste into the liquid file.

    Available Service

    From this section, you can select the service that you would like to show as an option while creating a virtual tryon product on your store.

    How to create a Virtual Tryon product?

    To create a Virtual Tryon product on your store, you need to go to Fashion Tryon app >> products

    On the product page, you will get a list of imported products with the Services, Tryon Status, Status, and Action buttons (Edit option, view in store button, and delete the imported product from the Fashion try-on app)

    Let’s check how to create a virtual try-on product by using the fashion try-on app:

    First, you need to import the product by clicking on the import button.

    Fashion tryon

    Now you can select multiple products with the variants by selecting them. and click on the add button

    Fashion tryon

    After importing the product now you need to add a service to the imported product. So for this, you need to click on the edit button from the action tab.

    Fashion tryon

    Then the service page will open and you have to select at least one service from the given options and click on the save button.

    Once you select the service Lipstick then you need to select the variant color as well.


    But If the Shopify merchant selects the Sunglasses services or Bindi service then you need to add the image as per the variant.


    After creating and assigning the services to the product then only you can change the status of the product from the status button.

    Fashion tryon

    How the customer can check and experience the virtual try-on products?

    Once the customer clicks on the try-on button, the customer’s device camera will open and the customer will be able to try the product in 2D.

    The Product with Lipstick service:

    Fashion tryon

    Product with Sunglasses service:

    Fashion tryon

    The Product with Bindi service:

    Fashion tryon


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at, and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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