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    Facebook Chat Bot for Magento

    Chat Bots are programs created for doing conversation with the end users. You can set up Chat Bot for your Facebook Business Page where the users can ask questions and get replies from the Chat Bot. The Chat Bot shows various information about the store products.

    The store owner can set up various templates for the Chat Bot Messages. The Chat Bot can display product search results, show available options, or display more images of a product. The Chat Bot keeps on interacting with the users by sending them messages or showing a random product from the store.

    Note – Facebook requires the endpoint to run over https, so before using this Facebook Chatbot extension please make sure your website should be hosted under HTTPS.


    • Set the chat bot status as enabled/disabled.
    • Add message content for greeting, salutation, not found, product search.
    • The users can search for products within the messenger.
    • The chat bots show the available options in a product.
    • View additional images of the products.
    • Specify the number of products and categories to show.
    • Store URL link for viewing product on the store.
    • Supports multiple languages translations.
    • The module source code is open for customization.


    Extract the downloaded zip file and copy app folder to the root directory of the magento.

    magento facebook chat bot - copy folder to magento root

    After copying the folders, you need to flush the cache storage from magento back-end. Navigate through System>Cache management and click Select All. Then click Flush Cache Storage button as shown below:

    Language Translation

    After the module installation, you need to unzip the folder and click on src folder. Inside that folder, you will find app folder. Click on the app folder. And you will get locale and inside that, you will find the language folder in the English language as en_US.

    Now follow the same path and open the locale folder where you have installed the Magento. And go inside the locale folder and create a new folder. Set folder name with the language for which you want to translate your module content.

    Now edit the language CSV file and then upload it to your server inside the locale folder.

    Before uploading the CSV file, open and edit it with the translated keywords.

    Facebook Configuration

    Before doing the module configuration, please log in to your Facebook account and visit this link. The following page will open, create a new app. Enter any display name for this new app and then enter your contact email.


    After creating the new app successfully, scroll down the page, and click Get Started in Messenger section. Please view the screenshot below:

    magento facebook chat bot - messenger get started

    Then, select your Facebook Business Page for which you want to use Chat Bot.

    select facebook page

    A pop-window will appear, click Continue to proceed to next step.

    security verification

    Another pop-up window will open, Click OK.

    security verfication2

    Now select your Facebook Business page and copy your Access Token created. After that, click Setup Webhooks as visible in the screenshot.


    New Page Subscription will appear. Enter your store URL in the Callback URL field. Please make sure that the URL is https(secure). You need to add chatbot/index/index after the store URL. Eg.

    Enter any name in the Verify Token, please note this name should be same in the Magento Configuration.

    Select all the subscription fields and click Verify and Save button.

    enter store url

    After that, select your Facebook page again.

    select page

    And, click Subscribe button.

    subscribe page

    Your Facebook page is now subscribed. Now, let’s move on to the next step.

    page subscribed

    After that, go to Settings>Basic and enter the store address in Privacy Policy URL. Upload an image file for the App Icon (1024 x 1024).


    Module Configuration

    After doing the Facebook Configuration, go to admin backend panel. Navigate to System>Configuration>Facebook Chatbot. The following page will appear:

    Status –  Set the module status as enabled or disabled.

    Access Token – Enter the Facebook Access Token key created in the previous step.

    Verification Token – Enter the same value of Verify Token used in the New Page Subscription.

    Get Started Message – Enter the content for the get started message.

    Salutation(Hi,Hello) – Enter salutations separated by comma(,)

    Salutation Message – Write salutation messages separated by comma(,)

    Not Found Message – Write Chat Bot not found messages separated by comma(,)

    Product Search Keyword – Write your product search keyword separated by the comma(,) eg. product, shirt etc.

    Product Search Message – Write your product search message eg. How would you like to try shopping?

    Welcome Greeting Message – Write your welcome message eg. How can I help you today?

    Update Greeting Message – Click this to update the greeting message for the Chat Bot.

    Enter Number Of Products to Show -Enter number of products to show at a time in the messenger.

    Enter Number Of Categories to Show – Enter number of categories to show at a time in the messenger.


    User Front-End View

    Now on the Facebook, the users can search for your Facebook Business Page in Messenger and start communicating with the Chat Bot. From the screenshot below, the Chat Bot has replied to the user’s salutation with the message.

    The Chat Bot also shows a random product from the store to the user. The user can view the product image and its price. There will be three options available, the user can view the product on the store, view available options, and view more images.

    hello message

    Product Search

    The Chat Bot can provide the search results related to the products. The user is searching for a t-shirt, the Chat Bot shows the search message with the product.

    product search result

    Available Options

    If a user wants to view the available options in a product, it can click Options. The Chat Bot will then show the available options such as color, size, etc to the users.

    product options

    Here is the Chat Bot reply when the user clicks Colors option. The Chat Bot will show the colors available in the t-shirt product.


    The users can view the additional images of a product by clicking Images. The Chat Bot will grab the images from the store and display in the messenger.

    more images

    Unknown Message

    If a user enters anything that is not related to the store, products or anything, the Chat Bot will show the Unknown Message reply. In the below screenshot, the user has typed some random text in the chat, and the Chat Bot has replied to that message as well.

    unknown message

    App Review for Messenger

    To make your Facebook App live, you need it submit it to the Facebook. Please go to App Review for Messenger and select pages_messenging, then click Add to Submission.


    Current Submission

    After adding the submission go to Current Submission and click Edit Notes.

    Send/Receive API (pages_messaging)

    The following pop-up window will appear, select your Facebook page first, and then enter the commands with the automated replies for the chat bot. Click Save to apply your changes and make the app go live.

    Thank you for viewing this blog. If you have any query or need more information, please visit

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 1.4.x.x1.5.x.x1.6.x.x1.7.x.x1.8.x.x1.9.x.x

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