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    Fabulous Cricket Tournament 2016
    16 March 2016

    Fabulous Cricket Tournament 2016

    Last month, Webkul organized a fabulous cricket tournament. Three teams were involved named JOOM WARRIORS, DEADLY PYTHONS AND FANTASTIC 11. All teams were excited to win the tournament and to hold the winning trophy.

    The first cricket match of the tournament was played between JOOM WARRIORS and FANTASTIC 11. After winning the toss Ajeet Singh (Captain – JOOM WARRIORS) decided to bat first. Team FANTASTIC 11 won by 4 wickets under the captancy of Ravi Raushan and the tournament began with this classic match.

    The second match of the series was played between DEADLY PYTHONS and JOOM WARRIORS. JOOM WARRIORS won the second match by 9 runs.

    Umpires played a vital role in all the matches as they tried their really hard to make the very fair decisions and managed every bowl and runs on the scorecard.

    Before the first match of the tournament, All three teams were practicing really hard on every Saturday early morning which was quite helpful for all the teams to build the core strategy for the game.

    After 3 matches DEADLY PYTHONS and JOOM WARRIORS made to the finals. Here was the day of FINAL MATCH, where the team JOOM WARRIORS and DEADLY PYTHONS standed face to face and wished to snatch the trophy. Both teams played really hard and put their maximum efforts to win the final match. At last, the winning team was DEADLY PYTHONS, this team won the final game by 18 runs and had hands on the trophy.

    Team DEADLY PYTHONS was awarded with the winning trophy and gold medals to each player of the team. And the captain of the winning team (Rahul Mahto) was announced as a “Man of the Series” and Narendra Rawat was declared as a “Man Of The Match” for final match.

    It was a great experience for all the players and snaps reveals more than words, Check out more snaps here –

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