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Exploring the Nitty-Gritties of WooCommerce Marketplace Event Manager

Updated 21 December 2021

In this day and age, entertainment has become an important facet in each one’s life.

What can be better than visiting a laughter show on a weekend, after a long, hectic workweek in the office?

At the same time booking tickets using an app like BookMyShow, for the laughter show sitting on a couch at our homes is like icing on the cake.

At a finger tap, you can book the tickets and next thing, you simply go visit the show!

Imagine yourself standing in a queue for a couple of hours to book tickets, let’s say for a movie, you’ve been longing to watch since its trailer was launched?

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This ain’t possible as today’s generation is living a strenuous lifestyle pertaining to their jobs, business, careers, etc.

Here’s where the role of Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommerce comes into play.

Subsequently, let’s dig into the long and short of it.

The Attributes: Marketplace Event Manager

One cannot deny the fact that hosting an Event Product on your website can do great deals for your business, the customer retention is one of them. 


Let’s just delve some features associated with Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommerce– 

  • Starting with the most essential trait, the store owners/ sellers can sell event products just like any other product in their store. 
  • One can list down or create event products under a special product type, namely, E-Tickets
  • Both store owners and sellers can define as many custom options that go handy with their set of event products. 



  • Also, managing events products is quite efficient and easy to go.
  • The google map feature enhances and eases the event search process. The customers can simply enter the location on a google map to look for nearby events. 


  • Moreover, buying event products becomes even simpler as the customers can buy event tickets in a few simple steps
  •  Adding to this, the customers can even add an event(s) to google calenders
  • The customers as well can choose any of the custom options associated with a specific ticket.

Its the Need of the Hour

Businesses, whether large scale or small scale, to grow tend to incline to approaches that boost sales and revenue generation

Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommerce is a sure-shot solution for growing businesses.

The reason being, it targets a specific set of customers and focuses on retaining customers. 

Some of you might be thinking about how this product can help retain the customers?

Pretty much simple!

If once the customers visit your store and encounter an easy to go ticket booking system, then they surely will come back to book tickets for another event. 

The reason being, they already have made a purchase once and so they trust your services.

Secondly, no customer wants to waste time looking for different booking sites; especially when its the last day of booking the tickets for an event. 

Hence, it clarifies the fact that integrating event products within your WooCommerce sites can be a boon for businesses; rather than creating an event management system website as a whole. 

Where this can be a tiresome task, with just a simple E-Tickets product type one can integrate the event products within their sites.  

Moreover, a business entrepreneur must keep in mind a few aspects to reach out the right crowd out there- 

It is extremely important as captivating product images will surely win you more customers, unlike the dull ones.

Moreover, it can even help increase the CTR’s or the Click-Through Rates of your WooCommerce site. 


  • Word of Mouth: Another major aspect when it comes to effective marketing is Word of Mouth.

It’s essential nowadays to spread your business insight over social media.

Your visitors can go through your business profile and can check out the customer reviews, or testimonials. 

This builds a sense of trust amongst the customers and they may want to purchase it too.


  • Social Sharing: You never know which visitor is your next customer.

So, you need to be present in all the social media platforms and hence, social sharing buttons are a must for your business.

This way, the visitors can easily log in to your WooCommerce site to make a purchase.


Owing to a business’s needs, these aspects may vary, but these are the prime facts that lay a strong notion of the importance of Marketplace Event Managers in the present E-Commerce era!

That’s all for Exploring the Nitty-Gritties of WooCommerce Marketplace Event Manager. If you face any issue, feel free to add a ticket at Webkul support system.

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