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    eCommerce trends to for Odoo in 2021

    The advancements of eCommerce are not hidden anymore. As the whole world has gone through a major crisis in Covid-19, eCommerce remained an integral part of everyone’s lives. As we know, B2B eCommerce is growing rapidly. Even at the time of the global pandemic struck in early 2020 that accelerated the wholesale industry’s digital transformation. And looking forward to that, there have been many industry shifts for the coming year. This can undergo some new changes in the functionality of eCommerce that leads to watching out some eCommerce trends.

    Due to expected increase in 2020, many industries proliferated like never before. This made more retailers move towards online business while entrepreneurs fueled their ecommerce ventures. However, eCommerce is an ever growing industry, still this huge shift of industries could produce some important changes that should be considered in the coming future.

    The effect of these important changes can be seen starting from the manufacturing industry and changing the way of interaction between brands, distributors, retailers, and consumers in 2021 and beyond.

    So, let’s look up to the new eCommerce trends for the coming year

    1. The Growing Trend of Mobile Shopping

    The tremendous use of mobile and its need has left a remarkable significance in eCommerce growth. By 2021, global mobile eCommerce sales are expected to be more than 72%. The rise in the usage of mobile devices has driven people to shop from mobile apps rather than websites. This huge increase in the adoption of mobile devices and voice assistants clearly indicates the increased number of customers in 2021.

    2. Artificial Intelligence as one of the eCommerce trends

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is the endeavor to replicate or simulate human intelligence in machines.

    According to a survey, global retailer spending on AI will reach $7.3 billion per annum by 2022.

    As technology is creating wonders every day, the eCommerce industry is responsible to enhance itself. Machine learning and chatbots are the new cool in eCommerce now. Today many companies use and leverage the benefits of these technologies and generate real business impact.

    As technology has evolved, most online websites are using Artificial Intelligence for providing suggestions to the customers and satisfying them before purchasing the product. This actually reduces the chance of returning the product that has doubled the sales for many store owners out there.

    As the pandemic changed everyone’s lives along with the shopping style, the customers physically can’t inspect the products as of now. Here, Augmented reality (AR) helps eliminate this situation by letting customers try out the product and see how it would look on them even before they buy the product.

    3. Increased Usage of online Payment Options

    Online payment options on an eCommerce website are one of the main reasons behind huge customer traffic on your website. It mainly provides an ease to customers in buying products online that make your website stand out from competitors.

    Providing the preferred online payment solutions by the customers compels them to go for instant purchase leaving you with adequate sales and profits.

    As of now, providing digital wallets (like Google Pay, Samsung or Apple Pay, and PayPal) apart from debit and credit cards has enhanced most eCommerce businesses. Odoo website wallet is a perfect solution to provide a safe and convenient way to make payments on the website.

    Also, there are various modules available for different payment options for your Odoo website. You can have a look here.

    Some advanced payment options like Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, provide many other benefits to online store owners, like low transaction fees, no reverse transactions, etc.

    In 2021, we might see more eCommerce businesses will start accepting cryptocurrencies for transactions.

    4. Dynamic Pricing of Products in eCommerce

    Pricing of the product plays an important role to remain competitive in the eCommerce world. To generate enough sales, you have to choose the right price for your products. The right pricing gives you a perfect chance to sell your products with maximum possible profits.

    The dynamic pricing process enables you to compare the product price on other eCommerce stores, the market demand and to determine the value of the product and price it better.

    Also, setting a price range for your customers makes them filter out the products of their range. Odoo website product price range allows you to set the price range for your website products in Odoo. It also makes the shopping experience better and easy for the customer as they can filter the products based on the specific price range.

    5. The visual eCommerce trends

    eCommerce definitely provides you the product at your doorstep but not the physical touch. Visual commerce helps customers to have a look at the product images that makes them satisfied before purchasing the product. Many online stores are using the product images on product pages and also on the entire store to entice users to engage and convert.

    Major retailers are already using visual commerce to influence customers into buying products. The high-quality images on their homepage along with shortcuts is a creative way to compel them to go for instant purchase.

    As online shopping has benefited us in many ways and made shopping convenient, customers are always keen to see the product from each and every angle before they buy them. A 360-degree view eCommerce trends of the product helps customers to see the products from each and every angle. Odoo product 360-degree view module does this job easily. All you need to do is to upload some high-quality images and arrange them in a sequential manner in order to have a smooth 360° rotating view. The image sequence is the most important thing to be concentrated upon.


    Business in 2021 is all about to implement innovation and succeed further. And to innovate, it’s important to focus on the ongoing trends in the market. The trends and insights let you review broad and detailed industry data to find potential innovation opportunities. So, keep track of business insights along with continuous experimentation and follow these upcoming trends for this year.

    Finally, to be successful, you need a reliable, experienced partner. Choose one of the best eCommerce development companies i.e Webkul for all your eCommerce needs. We provide you with the best resources, experience, and help you come out on top!


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