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25 Best Odoo Modules That You Must have (Sorted By Functionality)

Updated 26 December 2023

What Odoo offers over its peers is the wide range of capabilities that you can add at your end with customization and avail of Best Odoo Modules.

The highly flexible nature of Odoo empowers you to add new features and functionalities whose features depend upon the efficacy you are trying to achieve and inculcate in Odoo.

Keeping in mind growth and productivity, we have listed some of the best Odoo modules that one absolutely needs in his business.

The modules are divided into different categories depending upon the functionality or feature they implement in your Odoo.

Odoo Security & Accessibility Modules

1.) Odoo User login Security

Wish you had the details and information of who is and was logged into your Odoo, which IP address and browser are they using, etc.? Then Odoo User Login security is what you need.

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The module allows you to track the user activities and sessions in Odoo. You can monitor logins, sessions, browsers, IP addresses, login failures, and much more.

The biggest advantage of the module is the dashboard view which shows you all the data in real-time so you can make quick decisions about any suspicious activity on your Odoo.

Moreover, it adds a killswitch for admin that terminates all the logged in sessions with one click to protect your data.

You can set password attempts limit, mandatory password change after specified period of time, deny multiple simultaneous logins with same credentials with this module.

Odoo user login security is one of the best Odoo modules that not only makes your Odoo but also fetches the data in real time.

2.) Odoo Microsoft SSO

Taking about easy accessibility now!

Password Fatigue for Customers and Credential management for admin can be a real tardy, expensive, and arduous task.

Do you know that approximately 40% of the calls to IT department is related to password resets.

With Odoo Microsoft SSO the website customers can signup and log into their Odoo website accounts using their Microsoft account credentials.

This feature is called single sign-on (SSO). It allows you to log in to one account using the credentials of another authorized account. For example, when you log in to any website using your Gmail credentials.

It doesn’t mean that it is insecure. An authentication token is generated every time a customer enters his Microsoft credential to login into the Odoo website. The token is securely and automatically sent to Microsoft for validation. Only when the token is successfully verified, the user is allowed to login into Odoo. The entire process happens in seconds and is completely secure.

Benefits of using the module;

  • You do not need to maintain and manage customers’ credentials at your end.
  • Your customer would not have to worry about remembering the Odoo website password.
  • An easy login option for customers.

When speaking about Odoo Security and easy accessibility, Odoo Microsoft SSO module clearly stands out.

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3.) Odoo All in One Dynamic Dashboard

Moving towards quick insights about trends and store information, this module is your own small analytic engine for the Odoo website. The tool to give you the latest insights and data about your business.

Plot charts from the desired data; Study and forecast; And make better decisions to grow.

A perfect analytical tool for your business whose advantages are only matched by the flexibility it offers to the Odoo user.

With Odoo All in One Dynamic Dashboard;

  • you can bring the store or website or business data on one screen.
  • Create different maps and charts using a number of default models already present in Odoo and study them for Data and report analysis.
  • For example, Sales order Dashboard, Chart to track best selling products and best-used entities such as Top 5 payment Acquirers, orders, customers. Etc.
  • Furthermore, you can filter out these data on a time period basis.

You can create a separate dashboard for each Odoo model. Once you configure a dashboard, the raw data is automatically presented in the form of chosen charts and graphs for that model.

It provides over ten different types of plotting charts you can use to visualize the data in any form. Namely, bar charts, pie charts, graphs, data cards, etc.

It is imperative that you study and analyze the business reports if you want to grow. And this module is easily one of the best Odoo modules data tools available out there.

Odoo Customer Engagement & Convenience Modules

4.) Odoo Queue Management

This is truly a vertical solution irrespective of the type of business you are involved in, If you have in-store customers you need a queue management system in place. Why?

For crowd management, reducing waiting line abandonment, minimizing chaos in the store, and ensuring ordered service to customers; to name a few.

With the queue management Odoo module you can manage the customers with a token-based system. 

The advantage that Odoo Queue management offers over its peers is the feature to display that token number over a display screen.

You can keep your customers informed about the current token number being serviced and the next number in line.

It is smart, simple, effective, and easily one of the best Odoo modules to have in your Odoo and necessary as well. 

5.) Odoo Website Buy Now

This module needs absolutely no configuration after install; just an enable/disable toggle button. But it is one of the most sought out features on websites today. It adds a buy now button in each website product.

In default functionality, you need to add the product to and go through 3-4 steps before finally placing the order.

However, with Odoo Website Buy Now button, the customer who is only looking to buy one product can click on the button and directly reach the checkout page in one step shortening the entire order placement process. He can place the order for the product in seconds.

Faster and easier checkout process equals more conversions.

6.) Odoo Website Wallet

Wallet transactions have their own benefits over regular payment methods. They ensure the payments are not failed, provide customer convenience, and faster payout for the orders.

With Odoo Website Wallet module, you can add the credit money to customers’ wallets so they don’t have to depend on payment methods or COD for orders. In addition, you can manage refunds for orders. Once the order is canceled by the admin the money can be credited back to the customer’s wallet.

Why do you need this module in your Odoo?

  • Reduce CODs on your website.
  • Provide a hassle-free payment method to customers.
  • Reduce payment failures during checkouts.

Customer wallet systems have become ubiquitous to e-commerce because of their simplicity and efficacy in improving customer convenience. And this is a must-have module for your website.

7.) Odoo Website Coupons & Vouchers

Coupons and Voucher discounts is still one of the best ways to increase conversions and bring in customers to your store.

Odoo Website Coupons & Vouchers module adds the feature of generating discount coupons in Odoo for website or backend use.  The discount can be fixed or percent-based. They can be set for one-time use or partial redemption.

Each coupon is given a unique code which needs to be entered to avail the set discount and You can easily send the coupons to the customers via mail.

The Other useful feature includes setting a minimum cart amount that the customer needs to build to be eligible to use the coupon. Moreover, you can make coupons to be eligible on all products or specific chosen products.

If you want to bring in more traffic to your store or website with a discount-based strategy, the Odoo website voucher is easily the best Odoo module to do so.

8.) Odoo Whatsapp Chat Integration

Live chats are gathering much-deserved plaudits from both customers and sellers. More than 52% of people prefer contacting support via chat alone than any other contact channel.

And what better than a medium that allows live chat feature from mobile phones as well. 

The Odoo Whatsapp Chat Integration system is arguably one of the efficient ways to provide post-sale services to your customers.

The module integrates the feature on your Odoo website. So the customers can use the chat icon on the Odoo website and the message is delivered to the admin’s WhatsApp configured in Odoo. The admin can then reply using the Whatsapp app or web on his device.

Solve the customer’s query from your hand-held mobile devices and improve customers’ reachability and experience on your website.

9.) Odoo Website Helpdesk And Support System

You cannot provide quality support to customers without a Support system and team. And if you are looking to manage your helpdesk personnel in Odoo, this is the solution to your problem.

You can create different teams such as support team, Business development team, technical team, etc., and show them on your website.

The customers can choose the concerned team and raise the support ticket directly from the website. The tickets get listed in the Odoo backend from where the teams can pick them up and resolve them in a timely manner.

The customers can see the raised and resolved tickets in their Odoo website account.

Odoo Website Helpdesk And Support System module can help in improving customer experience and also brand building for your business. So if you are looking to deliver superior post-sale services to your customers and make them come back for business, install a support system today.

10.) Odoo RMA

Your service do not end with the conversions and purchases but also extends to providing quality post-sale services to your client. 

Your post-purchase services to the customers are as important as pre-sale services to promote better customer experience and brand building.

What makes Odoo RMA one of the best modules for you to handle returns and exchanges is that it streamlines the entire process.

The module generates an RMA number for each return/exchange request generated in your store. Moreover, these requests can be generated from website accounts by customers.

RMA# is not just a number but a tracking beacon so various departments can manage different stages such as testing, receiving products, etc to quickly process the RMA request of the customer.

The module allows you to track, monitor, and control the returns, and document each of them in Odoo for record-keeping. It is one of the best Odoo modules to manage returns and exchanges and even repairs. 

So if you are looking to improve the customer shopping experience and retain customers RMA is one of the sure ways to go for it.

11.) Odoo Website Social Share

Word of mouth travels fast. And it is also a crucial method of Brand building. The more shares your products get on social platforms, the more is the traffic on your website and hence more are the chances of conversions.

And That is why you need the Odoo website social share module on your Odoo website.

A simple yet very effective module by which the visitors on your webpages can share the product link on various social platforms.

With more than 17 social platform options available, you can be sure that your products reach your potential audience faster.

Best Odoo Modules For Marketing & Brand Building

12.) Odoo Website Daily Deals

The module is perfect to entice the customers and increase conversions by displaying the current sales deals running on the website.

It is like hanging a signboard on your Odoo to bring in more traffic and customers with new and upcoming Sales, big deals, and discount opportunities.

The separately added Daily Deals webpage for showcasing current deals makes it perfect for the customers who are looking for discounts or in for big buys.

Create Season Sale, Weekend Sale, Winter Sale, etc. and increase conversions on your website.

Odoo Website Daily Deals also allows you to manage the deals with automatic start and stop on the website, separate newly designed website page for Deals & Flash Sales, Deals banner to attract customers, and expiry reminder countdown to bring in the customers to grab the deal ASAP and much more.

13.) Odoo SMS Notifications

Nothing is more important than the ability to reach your customers at any time. And with the increase in mobile technology, SMS is the best way to do it.

Odoo SMS notification is one of the most versatile customer connectivity Odoo apps you can have at your disposal.

It lets you send the SMS alerts to customers, track delivery reports, and configure SMS templates for each SMS configuration directly via Odoo.

Send General updates to customers. Or automatic msg alerts when a condition is fulfilled such as order confirmation, shipping confirmation, etc.

Moreover, you can integrate a number of SMS Gateways of your choice with this one module so you can get to your customers via mobile phones.

Also, Read Odoo SMS Opt-Out Module.

14.) Odoo Drip mass Mailing

Continuing on the customer connectivity theme, the other most successful way to reach customers is email marketing.

Today also, the emails have an astounding open rate of over 93%.

Why Odoo drip mass mailing is one of the best Odoo modules for marketing and increasing brand awareness? Because of its flexibility to help you plan your entire mail campaign in Odoo.

Create mail templates, plan delivery schedules of and auto-send the mails to your mailing lists.

You can also create mail campaigns for newly registered customers to deliver different emails at specific times after they subscribe. Such as automatic welcome mail as soon as they sign up, then product catalog mail after 2 days of registration, and so on.

You can configure the schedule for an entire mail campaign to auto-send them to your customers and potential leads. If email marketing is in your mind the module is the way to go.

15.) Odoo Affiliate marketing

Thinking of bringing in more traffic to your website? Then affiliate marketing can come really handy.

One of the advantages of Affiliate marketing is Pay-On-Use basis. You Only need to pay the affiliate when the customer is redirected to the website from the affiliate’s link. And/or the customer buys the product from an affiliate link.

With Odoo Affiliate marketing module. you can start your affiliate network, bring more traffic with PPC and PPS type affiliate links. 

Your affiliates post the product links on their websites. Then they can earn commissions whenever the customer clicks on the link and/or make the purchase. You can set the commission amount in Odoo.

It also records the list of commissions earned by the affiliates and the type of affiliate links that the commission came from.

Affiliate marketing can be a great tool for your business to increase customers and conversion. And Odoo affiliate Marketing module is one of the simplest and best Odoo modules to help you set it up in your business.

16.) Odoo Facebook Catalog Integration

Best Odoo Modules

Going from affiliate links to ads campaign, social media marketing has the potential to bring in 3x business and the cost is much lower than any other marketing medium.

Facebook & Instagram has over 3billion users ship per month. What it means is whether you sell locally or internationally, your marketing ads can reach millions of people from a single platform.

To run your ads on the FB platforms first you need to put your product data in the FB catalog manager by creating an XML file containing the product information about all your products.

What this module does is create the XML file for you in seconds. So now you can just go to the FB shop catalog and directly upload it there. Thus, saving both time and resources in your business.

Moreover, if you are handling multiple shops on Facebook you can create separate XML files for each shop in your Odoo.

You can also choose what products to include in the XML file with simple conditions using Odoo Facebook Catalog Integration module. And rest is automatically done.

So if you are looking for a module to smoothen product management for your social platforms, the FB catalog integration module is surely the one you need at your disposal.

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Best Odoo Modules For Front Store: Odoo POS Modules

17.) Odoo POS customer Screen

Starting the list with one of the best and most sorted out modules for Odoo POS. This is one of those Odoo Modules that not only saves time but also money, and efforts.

As the name suggests the module enables you to connect a secondary customer-facing display to your Odoo POS. But without using a POS Box or any other physical connection to Odoo POS!!!

Odoo POS customer Screen module is the base module that includes two extensions which can be added as the requirements:

You can project the customer screen on any number of secondary displays using a simple URL generated in your Odoo with the help of this module.

Also, if you use multiple POS in your store, then each POS can be configured to have its independent customer screen.

18.) Odoo POS Coupons & Vouchers

Going back to Coupons; they work everywhere – on websites as well as physical stores.

The module is a must-have for any business dealing with day-to-day customers. The simple module allows you to create and apply discount codes in POS shops. You can also send coupons and vouchers to your customers via mail.

You can enable partial or full redemption of your created POS coupons.

What’s more, is if you have Odoo POS Coupons & Vouchers module you can use the same coupon code (if allowed for settings) on your Odoo website and Odoo POS shop.

The configuration is minimal and you can set it up in minutes.

So if you want more customers in store, discount promotions are a big way to go.

19.) Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts

Now, if you want more than just discounts in your POS Shop you need this module. In addition to fixed or percentage discounts, this module facilitates you to run promotions and offers in your store.

The Odoo module is one stop solution to your pursuit for perfect Store Marketing Strategies for customers.

Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts allows you to create a number of offers for customers by combining different sets of conditions in Odoo such as;

  • First-time buyer discount
  • Discount for every nth customer.
  • Discount on Every xth order placed in POS.
  • For first x customers.
  • Offer for a Specific Date.

Each POS shop can have its own promotional offers which are independent of others. You can Combine Promotions types and discounts to cater to every type of customer and occasion to increase your store customer base and conversions.

20.) Odoo POS Gen X Theme

As themes go, this Odoo POS theme is not only aesthetic but also appends the feature list of your Odoo POS.

The Odoo module cleans up the UI of your Odoo POS shop. It moves the cart to the right making space for the side panel on the left.

The side panel will allow you to navigate different sections of the POS shop such as the customer list, order list, and Product list.

A cart product management pop-up is also added which lets you quickly manage discounts, product quantity, and price; all at once. 

Odoo POS Gen X Theme also adds a new payment page to your POS shop which shows the details of customer orders and payment details.

All in all, it makes the UI clean and makes order processing faster, and provides more flexibility with working in Odoo POS.

So, if you want the queue moving in your store, you might should look into it.   

21.) Odoo POS Speed Up

Again going for fast service and order processing, the module speeds up your POS load time by a factor of almost 80.

Waiting in line is One of the most common ways to lose potential customers. And no one wants to see the customers leave while your POS loads up your hundreds or thousands of products which by default takes several minutes.

So Odoo POS speed up is the most versatile Odoo module. It loads your POS in seconds irrespective of the number of products in your Odoo.

Odoo POS Speed Up module loads the products through a separate DB instead of the one where your Odoo is installed.

Currently the module offers two options MangoDB and Postgres DB.

You save the product data in any of these DBs and the POS loads them up in seconds with this module. The product is auto-synced and updated to the DB periodically using cron.

If you are a big store owner with thousands of products then we say that this is a must for your Odoo POS.

22.) Odoo POS Sales Commission

Are you still managing your cashiers’ commissions and incentives manually? It is a banal and time taking task that is prone to errors.

To solve this, the module installs an automatic POS salesperson Commission manager for your Odoo POS. So now every time the order is placed the set commission is automatically added to the Salesperson record in Odoo.

But Odoo POS Sales Commission module also allows you to select how to set commission for your shop salesperson. You can set commission on sale of particular products or simply on total cart amount.

To further improve the flexibility, the module adds different levels at which commission can be set, you can set commission rules for each user separately, or collectively for a POS shop or global which is the same for all users.

Sales commission is a useful tool to imbue both initiative and motivation in your store staff. And Odoo POS sales commission is one of the best Odoo modules for managing them in Odoo.

Best Odoo Modules For Multi-Platform Presence: Odoo Mobile Apps & PWA

23.) Odoo Website Mobile app for iOS & Android

Finally, a complete and developed native mobile app for your Odoo website. The popularity and power of mobile App cannot be denied to increase both customers and conversions in your business.

Odoo Website Mobile App gives you the perfect opportunity to launch an app for your website in Odoo. The app can be configured both for iOS and android platforms.

It comes packed with a completely remodeled view of the Odoo website for mobile devices, non-intrusive design, immersive product page and shop page, faster checkout options, and RTL language support among other features.

Today mobile Apps take the first precedence over desktop websites due to development in mobile technology.  It is imperative you should start thinking about a mobile app for your business to grow.

So if you are looking to render a completely seamless mobile experience for your customers, Odoo website mobile app module is one of the best modules to implement in your business.

24.) Odoo Delivery Boy App

If you have a network of delivery boys to handle the customer orders, you must have a tracking and managing system at your disposal.

If you are looking for a tracking and management system for delivery boys in Odoo, look no further than the Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App.

Odoo Delivery Boy App gives full control to the admin to assign and manage deliveries to the delivery boys. 

The delivery boys need to install the app on their mobile devices. Now, when an order is due for delivery the admin can assign the delivery to one of his delivery boys directly from Odoo. 

The delivery boy receives the assignment notification on his mobile and would accept the assignment. Once the order is delivered, the delivery boy would set the status to delivered in his mobile app and admn can check the same directly from Odoo.

The mobile app works for both iOS and Android systems separately and supports features like map support, delivery code authentication, a dashboard for the delivery boy to see his delivery reports and earnings, etc.

The Odoo delivery boy app is one of its kind developed for Odoo to solve the last-mile logistic problems for businesses using Odoo.

25.) Odoo PWA For Website

The economical alternative to mobile apps i.e. PWA is becoming increasingly popular because of their cost-effective nature. PWAs are web apps that provide a mobile app like view and feel to the website when they are opened on mobile devices.

The best part about PWAs is the customers need not download them on their devices. They can just open them in their browsers which saves device storage. Moreover, since they are opened in browsers it makes them OS independent which means no separate PWA for iOS, Android, etc.

Odoo PWA does the same and renders a mobile app view and feel to your Odoo Website improving customer experience on your website. It supports a plethora of functions supported by modern PWAs such as offline browsing, Add to home screen option, push notifications, etc.

So if you are not ready for mobile apps in your business, Odoo PWA For Website is one of the best modules you can use to present a mobile app experience to your customers on mobile.

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