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Dropshipping: How Does it Work with Odoo

Updated 14 July 2021

In last blog, we discussed some business ideas that can be successfully accomplished with the help of Odoo. 

With the increased number of people opting online stores to buy the products; running an online store is a great idea. 

The best part of selling things online is that your products can reach a large number of people worldwide. 

Worried about the expenses of selling products worldwide? 

To start a business or take a new road for your business; it is necessary to study all the necessary aspects. 

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If you want to take your online store business worldwide but want to spend less then let’s get started with Dropshipping.


What is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a method in which a retailer doesn’t keep the stock; but transfers customers’ orders and shipment details to other retailers, wholesalers or even manufacturers. 

Basically, in the dropshipping model; you run your online store where you can sell the products of other vendors. Moreover, it is not your responsibility to deliver the product to the customer. 

The vendors with whom you are associated will deliver the product to the customers. Hence, you don’t need to keep the stock which saves your warehouse cost as well as shipment cost.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  1. Low-Cost Investment: Dropshipping offers you the flexibility to start your business with low-cost investment. All you need to do is; host a website and associate trusted vendors with it. You don’t need to buy a physical location to keep the stock. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the shipment of the product. 
  2. No limitations for selling the Products: With the help of dropshipping, you can sell out the wide variety of the products. Moreover, you don’t have the limitations to sell the products in a limited location. As the delivery of the products depends upon the vendors. And, you can associate vendors from all over the world. 
  3. Less Stress: Dropshipping automatically reduces the stress as you are away from the hassle of purchasing the stock, purchasing warehouse location to keep the stock, delivering products to the customers. Hence, you just need to associate with trusted vendors and do the marketing of your business.
  4. Less monetary disadvantages in case of business failure: As dropshipping minimizes the use of resources; it directly reduces the risk even when the business doesn’t reach your expectations. Dropshipping saves you from the capital loss which reduces the risk even after failure. Hence, you get a chance to improve without any monetary loss.
  5. Easy to Start: Starting a business with dropshipping is really easy. Your customer will generate an order request for you; you need to send the order details to the vendor; he/she will directly deliver the desired product to your customer.

How Dropshipping Works in Odoo?

You need to install the Sales, Inventory and Purchases modules for Dropshipping feature to work.

To activate the dropshipping feature; go to “Purchases” module >> Configuration >> Settings and select “Dropshipping“.

Activate Dropshipping in Odoo

An additional route “Dropshipping” is added; now open any product and under inventory tab enable Dropshipping in Odoo product.

After the confirmation of a sale order with products to dropship; a request for quotation is generated by Odoo to the vendor to buy the product.

If you confirm that RFQ into a purchase order then it will create a transfer from your vendor directly to your customer.

Do you want to accept dropship orders for AliExpress in Odoo?

Webkul has Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping to fulfil your requirements.

Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping module facilitates you to accept dropshipping orders for Aliexpress in Odoo.

You can import Aliexpress products to Odoo using the chrome extension and add them to the Odoo website. Once the customer places an order for AliExpress product on Odoo website, you can forward the order to AliExpress.

The order will be then fulfilled by AliExpress. The price of the imported products can also be changed before adding it to Odoo such as to include commission or extra price.

Read the user guide for Odoo AliExpress Dropshipping to know the workflow.

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