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    Do I need to Migrate From Magento1 to Magento2 ?

    Do I need to Migrate Magento1 to Magento2 ? Well its super hot question and as Webkul is largest supplier of marketplace extension we came to this question almost everyday . So i am putting my view on it . As i think this question is little wrong why ? let me pour more thought on it .

    Do you have a working and running system ? where customers are there and everything is working smooth ?

    every store owner who is looking to migrate from magento1 to magento2 this question is vital . If you are running your store and real customers and transactions are there and if everything is going smooth you should not migrate to magento2.0 . Even if you are getting trouble in magento1.x.x and you already have running store in 1.x.x then also i would recommend not to migrate as migration will require good amount of time + learning for the new platform .

    Magento2 is great and we already started building for magento2 as well but great does not means your old system is complete scrap right ? 2nd thought –

    i am starting it right now do i need to choose magento2 or i should stick with magento1.x.x ?

    its very subjective question depending upon the team (tech team) you have and understanding of the magento2 . Magento2 stack is super rich and new for magento1 developers and learning of magento2 will take approx 4-5 months (depends upon the previous tech skills you have ) also still for magento2 extensions are very less . Still community is building it for so untill you have a great tech partner or team i would still suggest to use magento 1.x.x . 3rd thought

    What the heck ? so when i should use magento2 ?

    you should start learning right now and understand it in terms of both development ( if you are a developer ) and admin management and should make your hand dirty and when you think you are comfortable with it then you can easily move on .


    strong suggestion magento1.x.x support will be there for few years as already been stated by magento . so if you are already having a well running store dont change it just for sake of magento2 is good . Still have any query please let us know and we’ll be super happy to reply .






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