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    Custom Notification With Process Builder In Salesforce

    Custom Notification is customized notification where admin can add recipients, subject and content.
    Admin can be sent a custom notification when any important event occurs. custom notifications can be sent via a process in Process Builder, a Flow in Flow Builder, or invocable action API

    Available in: both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience
    Available in: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

    Considerations for Processes that Send Custom Notifications

    • You can create up to 500 custom notification types.
    • Each notification can have up to 10,000 users as recipients. However, you can add an action to the same process within Process Builder or to the same flow in Flow Builder to have more recipients.
    • Your org saves your most recent 1 million custom notifications for view in notification trays. Your org can save up to 1.2 million custom notifications, but it trims the amount to the most recent 1 million notifications when you reach the 1.2 million limit.
    • An org can execute up to 10,000 notification actions per hour. When you exceed this limit, no more notifications are sent in that hour, and all unsent notifications are lost. Notification actions resume in the next hour. For example, your notification action processes are triggered 10,250 times between 4:00 and 5:00. Salesforce executes the first 10,000 of those actions. The remaining 250 notifications aren’t sent and are lost. Salesforce begins executing notification actions again at 5:01.
    • Custom notification title and body fields support plain text only.

    Create a Custom Notification

    You can define custom notification via Setup -> Notification Builder. Click New to create a new notification – for example, I’m creating a notification for order status changes

    Write “Custom Notification Name” as i wrote “Order Status Change” and “API Name” will be auto-populated.
    Check both “Supported Channels” & Save

    So finally, successfully we created a custom notification & now I’ll use a process builder to the sent notification on order status change.

    Create a Process Builder

    You can create a process builder via Setup -> Process Builder. Click New to create a new Process – for example, I’m creating a process for order status changes

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

    & Activate the process. Now open any order & change the order status. You will find notification like below.

    . . .

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  • Ronak Mehta
    I must say that this is one of the best publications I’ve read lately. I only have one word for this … Inspired!
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