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    Custom Kernel In Linux

    Updated 12 April 2014

    As we all know linux is an open source, so we can make changes according to our need.

    Here is a method how we can custom kernel.

    First for the security purpose copy the present kernel’ configuration. So that if changes doesn’t work we can revert the changes.

    # cp /boot/config.* ~/linux-stable/.config

    # make ~/linux-stable/old.config

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    Now start configuring

    #make -j ‘cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep -c processor’

    #sudo make modules_install install

    It will install the kernel image in the /boot directory and generates initrd i.e initial ram disk, which is needed by the kernel at the boot time.

    we can also install other modules similarly

    enjoy the custom kernel.


    if you are unable to boot through this kernel drop to the root shell and restore the old kernel’s copy into the main memory.

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