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    CS-Cart Shopify Connector

    CS-Cart Shopify Connector:

    CS-Cart Shopify Connector allows an admin to sync Shopify product & orders, shipping order to your cs-cart store. This allows you to connect and integrate Shopify data to your cs-cart store. It allows you to map categories and map shipping locations for products. Also, a merchant is able to create various accounts.

    CS-Cart Shopify Connector Features:

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Plus.
    • Admin / Seller can import products from Shopify store to CS-Cart store with variations (Product Variation Add-on Required).
    • The products get imported with Product name, Cost, Main image, Description, Code, Weight, and variations.
    • Admin can import products by collection using both collection smart and custom.
    • Product updates in your CS-Cart store like price, quantity, name and other details in real-time.
    • Admin/Seller can map the Shopify categories with CS-Cart categories.
    • Order get synced to Shopify in real-time when created in your cs-cart store.
    • Admin / Seller can import orders from Shopify to CS-Cart.
    • Admin / Seller can handle multiple store account from CS-Cart Panel.

    Upcoming Features:

    • Admin / Seller can export new product on Shopify store from CS-Cart Admin panel.
    • Close/cancel/update and delete of order on Shopify when initiated these on CS-Cart store.
    • Real-time sync of Shopify order to CS-Cart store.

    Flow Of Installation And Configuration:


    When you’ll download the “CS-Cart Shopify Connector”, you’ll get one zip files and the install.txt file. Read it carefully and follow it. After that install the zip file. Go to Add-ons and click plus icon to upload the zip file.


    Go to Website and click Shopify Connector to configure.

    After that click on the plus icon to add a new Shopify account.


    Now configure the various settings of merchant account. Here in General settings, enter the API key, Password, Domain Name and Shop Name from your Shopify account.

    How to get Shopify Credentials:

    To get the Shopify credentials, you firstly require to login to your Shopify account. Click on “Apps” to create a new app. In Manage private apps, you will find the list of all your private apps created. After clicking on the app you will find the details of the app. Here you will find the credentials to authenticate to CS-Cart store. Set the Admin API Permission to “Read and write”.


    In Order settings, Select the Payment Processor and Shipping method for export and import Shopify order.


    For product setting, select the desired category to which Shopify products get imported and currency. Click on the plus icon to select the cs-cart category.

    When you click on the plus icon, a new popup of cs-cart category will get opened. Select the category and click “Choose”.


    In Webhook settings, webhook is created for products updated in real time. After configuring various settings click on Save.

    When an admin created an account, he can perform various processes from Shopify store to cs-cart store like Category Map, Manage Shopify Shipping Templates, Fetch All Orders, Manage Shopify Products, Manage Shopify Orders, Edit and Delete Account.

    Given below is the step by step processes from shopify store to cs-cart:

    1. Category Map:

    In the category map, admin/seller can map Shopify category with cs-cart category to import product respectively.

    2. Manage Shopify Shipping Template:

     In this section, admin can map the shipping zone of Shopify to the shipping location of cs-cart. Given below is the shipping zone which we can map to cs-cart.

    To map shipping locations, go to “Manage Shopify shipping Template”, click on the desired shipping zone to map the shipping location. Now select the shipping location for the respective shipping zone for mapping.

    3. Fetch All Orders: 

    Admin can import orders from Shopify by clicking on the plus icon. Here an admin can import products with respect to the selected “Date period” and “Fulfillment status”, by “Order Id” and “Order status”. After the date and order status, click on “Import Order”.

    Given below is the list of the Shopify orders based on your selection. From here you can import orders to cs-cart store.

    4. Manage Shopify Orders:

    In this section, you can view the exported Shopify orders.

    5. Manage Shopify Products:

     In this section, to import products from Shopify, click on “Start Import”.

    After clicking, a new popup will get opened. Here admin can import product by collection using both collection smart and custom. In given below screenshot, by choosing the Collection Id, admin can Map products through Smart Collection.

    Once clicked on “Map Product”, you will find the list of the products imported from Shopify. To synchronize Shopify products click on “Sync Product”.

    An admin can also import product by collection using custom. In given below screenshot, by choosing the Collection Id, admin can Map products through custom Collection.

    Once clicked on “Map Product”, you will find the list of the products imported from Shopify through custom. To synchronize Shopify products click on “Sync Product”.

    6. Managing Shopify Accounts:

    In this section, admin can Delete/Edit his account.


    That’s all for CS-Cart Shopify Connector, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.1

    Supported Framework Version - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Plus 4.10.X, 4.11.X, 4.12.X

    . . .

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  • Isa
    Are you satisfied about this connector between cs-cart multivendor and the Shopify stores? And need the Shopify sellers buy this addons too? Thanks
    • Aishwarya Tiwari (Moderator)

      We have got the ticket you have created at
      We will let you know the complete details, over the ticket.
      Thanks & regards,

  • Paul Stroud
    Do new products added in shopify automatically appear in cs cart or do they need to be uploaded manually each time?
    • Aishwarya Tiwari (Moderator)
      No, you need to import the products. And the Product updates like price, quantity, name, and other details will get synced in your CS-Cart store in real-time.

      For any other queries, please generate a ticket here –


  • Daryl
    Any updates on the update? 😉
    • Aishwarya Tiwari (Moderator)
      Hi Daryl,

      Kindly let us know your query at
      We would be very happy to assist you.

  • bk
    why new update is not release yet
    • Gautam Bagchi (Moderator)
      Hi, just because we are having our own product development road map so accordingly, we will surely do that.

      For further query please generate a ticket at

    • Sophie B.
      Yeah, same question here 🙂 Hope to get the update very soon.
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