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    CS-Cart Seller Vacations

    CS-Cart Seller Vacations->

    If you will be unable to process orders for an extended period of time,  for example, you are going on vacation, then there is an option that helps you give it a professional look and set it up to suit your business. Here, you have the option to set your store to vacation mode and also leave a note to notify customers when you’ll be out. “CS-Cart Seller vacations” add-on is used to makes it easier for sellers to notify their customers and admin about vacation dates.

    By using this add-on seller products will be visible to the buyers along with the seller message, by which the buyers will know that the seller is on vacation and will not be available. An admin, as well as the buyer, would be informed about the unavailability of the seller.

    To inform about the vacation a Seller requires to set the start date and end date of the vacation. The seller can also provide a message in multi-language that is to be displayed on the product page and seller profile page.

    This add-on helps marketplace seller to disable the “add to cart” button for the products if in case the seller is not available to fulfill the orders for a certain time period. An admin can even delete the seller vacation.


    • The seller can plan a vacation informing the admin and customers buying their product.
    • A new “Seller vacations” tab gets added to the vendor account to inform about the vacations.
    • An admin can “Allow” or “Disallow” the sellers to apply for vacations.
    • An admin can “Auto Approve” the seller’s vacations from the backend.
    • Admin can set the number of days before which the seller has to apply for vacations.
    • An Admin can set the number of times a seller reminds for approval of vacations.
    • Admin can customize the color settings of vacation box to be displayed at frontend.
    • The seller can Allow or Disallow “Add to Cart” for buyers during the vacation period.
    • Seller needs to specify the message that is to be displayed on the product page and the profile page.
    • Seller will automatically become active after the vacation end date.
    • The seller can add the vacation message in multi-language.
    • Mail will be sent to admin when vendor applies for vacations.
    • Mail will be sent to the seller when admin approves and disapprove the vacation.
    • The seller can remind the admin about the approval of their vacation.

    Video Tutorial->


    The Flow Of Installation And Configuration->

    Step1: Go to “Manage add-ons” and click on plus icon to upload the zip file of “CS-Cart Seller Vacations”.

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    After uploading go to “Add-ons” and find “Seller Vacations”. Now click on settings to configure the settings of the add-on.


    Step2: Now Configure the settings of “Seller Vacations” add-on as:

    1. General Settings: 


    • Seller Vacations: By check this box an admin can allow sellers to apply for vacations. If this box is unchecked then the seller will not be able to apply for vacations.
    • Auto Approve: By check, this box seller vacation request will get “Auto Approved” otherwise an admin can manually approve the seller’s request from the backend.
    • Days before seller apply for vacations: This is the number of days before a seller must apply for vacations.
    • Email Address: Enter the email id to which a seller can send a request for vacations. By default, an email will be sent to admin if the vendor applies for vacations.

    Reminder Mail Settings:

    • Allow seller to send reminder mail: By check this box, an admin allows a seller to remind about the vacations request if an admin doesn’t approve it. Otherwise, a seller will not able to send a reminder to an admin.
    • Number of Reminders: This is the number of times a seller can send reminders to an admin about the vacation request.
    • Days gap between requests: This is the number of days gap in between the seller’s vacation requests.


    2. Theme Settings:

    In this section, an admin can set the “Text Color”, “Background Color” and “Border Color” of Vacation Box which will be displayed at the storefront.

    theme setting

    How A Seller Request For Vacations By Admin->

    When a seller is not available to fulfill the orders from his store for a certain time period. He can set his store on vacation mode, for this, he needs to apply for vacation. A seller can apply for vacation by login to his backend panel. Once a seller logs in, “Seller vacations” tab will be displayed at “Vendor” section and a seller can apply for a vacation here.

    When a buyer purchase a seller’s product who is on vacation then he is not able to add the seller’s product to the cart as that seller is on vacation and not allowed to add a product to cart during vacation mode.

    seller backend

    Once a seller requests for vacations, an admin can view the list of all seller vacations from his backend panel. An admin can approve the seller’s vacation from here.

    admin panel

    When a seller vacation is not approved by an admin then a seller is able to send a reminder to an admin through his vacations list. Once a seller sends a reminder to an admin, a mail will be sent to the admin’s email id.

    remind admin

    An option is provided to search the requests through the company name, status of the requests, start date, and end date as shown in the below snapshots-
    remind admin
    remind admin

    An admin can also customize the email templates for seller vacation creation, reminders about vacations and vacation approved.


    Front End View->

    View Of Vacation Message Box At Vendor’s Profile:


    View Of Vacation Message Box At Product Page:

    product page


    That’s all for CS-Cart Seller Vacations, still, have any issue, feel free to write here and let us know to make addon better.

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    Current Product Version - 1.1

    Supported Framework Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x

    Blog Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
    • Version CS-Cart MultiVendor 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x
    • Version 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
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