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    CS-Cart SalesforceIQ Connector

    Updated 3 January 2022

    SalesforceIQ Connector For CS-Cart : This impressive extension integrates CS-Cart with SalesforceIQ, a CRM platform that makes enterprise-level intelligence affordable for growing businesses.  It is the next generation extension revamping the features of eCommerce and SalesforceIQ platform.This connector lets you get new marketing prospects into your sales team’s hands instantly. By pulling CS-Cart user’s information into your SalesforceIQ list, you’ll arm your sales teams to qualify prospects faster and smarter than ever before.

    Features and Benefits

    • Is acting as bridge between CS-Cart and SalesforceIQ .
    • In addition Provides real-time synchronisation of users.
    • Provides synchronisation of users in lists at SalesforceIQ end.
    • Moreover Automatically captures your interactions with customers, and analyses it to improve your relationships.
    • Interactive design with brilliant user experience .
    • Any number of users can be imported from CS-Cart to SalesforceIQ .
    • Also Boost revenue of online marketers .
    • Moreover Easy to use and manage at admin end.

    How To Upload and Install

    After downloading SalesforceIQ Connector For CS-Cart, you will get a zip file and install.txt . Read the install.txt carefully and configure it accordingly.

    Go to “Manage add-ons”, click on “+” to upload and install the zip file as shown below.
    Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in snapshot.
    SalesforceIQ Connector For CS-Cart


    Once the addon is installed successfully, Click on “Manage” button to configure it as per the below screenshot.


    Set the below mentioned parameters:

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    Manage add-ons

    Once the API keys are saved, Select the SalesforceIQ Account to synchronize the contact details of users at CS-Cart end and click on Save button to save the settings as shown below.

    Manage add-ons 1

    Admin End View

    Go to “SalesforceIQ” Tab and click on “Contacts” as per the below screenshot.

    Administration panel

    How to Export/ Sync contacts :

    • Select the contacts by clicking the checkbox provided.
    • Click on Export Contacts to export the selected contacts at SalesforceIQ end


    How to merge the contacts in desired SalesforceIQ List :

    • Click on Go to Add List for merging contacts in SalesforceIQ list.
    • Select the list where contacts need to be merged.
    • Select the customer which need to be merged in the selected list.
    • Click on Create button to merge/ sync the contacts.

    Sync in list

    How to Reset contacts :

    • Click on Reset Mapping to reset all contacts as per the below snapshot.


    View At SalesforceIQ End

     Login to your SalesforceIQ account and click on Contacts as shown below. Here you can view CS-Cart synchronized contacts.

    View of synchronised contacts in account based list selected at eCommerce end. 

    SalesforceIQ account

    View of synchronised contacts in contact based list selected at eCommerce end.

    SalesforceIQ contact


    This is all about SalesforceIQ Connector For CS-Cart. For further any query feel free to contact us at

    Besides this you can explore our cs-cart Development Services and Quality cs-cart add-ons.

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 4.2.x,4.3.x,4.4.x,4.5.x

    . . .

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