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CS-Cart Odoo Bridge


Combine the user-friendliness, scalability, and extensive functionality of Cs-Cart with Comprehensive business solutions of Odoo with our Cs-Cart Odoo Bridge. It offers a simple and efficient way to manage a range of functions from managing import/update of products and categories to Import of Orders and Partners from Cs-cart to Odoo.


  • Import/Update Products in Odoo.
  • Import/Update Category in Odoo.
  • Import Order In Odoo.
  • Import Partner In Odoo.
  • Import all data into feeds.
  • The User can evaluate this feed to finally map them in Odoo.


Cs-Cart Odoo Bridge requires base module Odoo Multi-channel sale in order to work.

Activating API Access in CS-Cart

Follow these steps in order to activate API access in CS-Cart

  1. Go to Customers >Administrators.
  2. Select and open an Admin Account And select the “Yes, allow this user to use the API” Box.
  3. APIKEY will Be generated automatically and thus it could be used along with the Email for establishing the connection from Odoo side.

Configuration at Odoo side

After installation of ” CS-Cart Odoo Bridge” including its base Multi Channel module and product dimensions, a new menu” Multi channel” will appear.

=> Now Go to Multi Channel > Store(s)>CsCart.

=> Click on edit and enter the following credentials-

CS-Cart URL – URL of CS-Cart.
Email – E-mail of the Admin of CS-Cart. (Refer “Activating API access in CS-Cart” )
APIKEY – API key generated for Admin at CS-cart. (Refer “Activating API access in CS-Cart” )

=> Go to configuration and create the mapping for CS cart order state to Odoo Order State.

=> Either set a Default state for all the CS-cart orders, i.e all the orders imported from CS-cart to Odoo will be having this Default State or map a specific CS-Cart Order state to Odoo order state which means that specific CS-cart order state will be mapped as corresponding Odoo order status.

=> Click on Save and Close. All the CS-Cart states mapped with corresponding Odoo order states will be listed under Order State Configuration column as shown below.

=> You can also connect Multiple instances of CS-cart to Odoo by selecting the specific CS-cart channel in the drop-down menu as shown below.

=>After configuring the CS-Cart instance, Click on Test connection.

=> After successful connection, a popup will appear mentioning the same as shown in the screenshot below.

=> After the successful connection with CS-Cart Import and Update options will appear as can be seen in the screenshot below.



As per the workflow of the module, data from CS-cart (Products, Categories, Partners, Shipping Methods, and Orders) will be imported in feeds first and then it needs to be evaluated in order to send it to the Mappings and inside Odoo as it will be shown later in this blog.

Import categories  FEEd

After successful connection with CS-Cart, you can import categories feed from CS-Cart to Odoo by following the path-

Multi Channel > Store(s) > Cs-Cart> Operation > Import Categories.

=> Enter the number of categories to be imported from CS Cart to Odoo. For example– If you want to import 5 number of categories then you can simply enter 5 here in this column. If left blank, all categories will be imported from CS-Cart to Odoo.

=> Click on Import Now to import the feed.

Import products FEED

Go to Multi Channel > Store(s) > Operation >Import Products 

Click on Import Products

=> You can either choose a specific option to import specific product using its product ID or you can select Bulk option to import products in bulk. You can enter a value in No. of Products column to import selected number of products or you can leave this field blank in order to import all products.

Category field can also be used in order to import product of a selected category.

=> Click on Import Now, to import the selected Product Feed.

Import shipping methods Feed

To Import shipping methods feed from CS-Cart to Odoo, simply go to  Multi Channel > Store(s) > Operation >Import Shipping  and Click on Import Now

import partners FEED

Follow the path Multi Channel > Store(s) > Operation >Import Partner and Click on Import Now to Import Partner feed from CS-Cart to Odoo

Import orders FEED

Go to Multi Channel > Store(s) > Operation >Import order  to import Orders feed.

=> You can either choose a specific option to import specific order using its order ID

or you can select Bulk option to import orders in bulk. You can also select a Customer in Orders Placed by Customer field to import the number of orders placed by that particular customer.

Data in Feeds

After successfully importing feeds from CS-Cart, User can view it under Multi Channel > Feeds. 

Feeds are classified into two states here-

  1. Done : All the Feeds which have already been evaluated will fall in this state.

2. Draft : All the Feeds which haven’t been evaluated yet will fall in this state and thus can be evaluated by selecting the feeds, Clicking on Action Button and finally selecting Evaluate Feed.


update categories

Update Categories option will allow User to update CS-cart Categories which has already been on Odoo. In the flow of the module, first, the mappings will be checked for the categories to be updated. If found, then the categories will be updated on feed and then they are required to be evaluated again to map them and thus update them in Odoo accordingly.
To Update Categories- Go to Multi Channel > Store(s) > Operation > Update Categories and Click on
Update Now


update products

This option will allow User to update CS-cart Products which have been already imported to Odoo. Products will be checked for in mappings, If found then the products will be updated on feed and then they are required to be evaluated again to map them and thus update them in Odoo accordingly.
To Update Products- Go to Multi Channel > Store(s) > Operation > Update Products and Click on
Update Now

Mapping of data

After Evaluation of Data Feeds, the evaluated data is saved and managed under Multi Channel > Mappings

=> All the evaluated data can be then updated by selecting the Mappings and Clicking on Action > Update Mappings



For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at


Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - V9,V10

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