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    CS-Cart Odoo Bridge


    Combine the user-friendliness, scalability, and extensive functionality of Cs-Cart with Comprehensive business solutions of Odoo with our Cs-Cart Odoo Bridge. CS-Cart Odoo Bridge offers a simple and efficient way to manage a range of functions. It manages import/update of products, categories, orders, shipping methods, customers from Cs-cart to Odoo and also export/updates the products from Odoo to CS-Cart.


    • Real-time synchronization of sales orders from CS-Cart to Odoo.
    • Bidirectional sync of products and categories.
    • Synchronisation of customers from CS-Cart to Odoo.
    • CS-Cart bridge offers real-time inventory sync from Odoo to CS-Cart.
    • It maintains the synchronization history of all import and update of data.
    • Shipping carrier Mapping.
    • Bidirectional export/update of the product.


    After purchasing this app, you will get a link to download the zip file. Download and extract it,  you will see the “cscart_odoo_bridge” folder, now you will have to copy this folder inside your Odoo addons folder.

    Then  simply follow these steps:

    1. Go to settings menu and click on Activate the Developer Mode.
    2. Now go to apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
    3. The module will now be visible under “apps”, simply install it.

    Workflow of the module

    After installation of this module including its dependent module Odoo Multi-Channel Sale, a new menu “Multi-Channel” tab will appear.

    This plugin facilitates the feature of managing the multiple instances of CS-Cart at single Odoo interface. It means you can perform sync operations simultaneously with different CS-Cart instances.

    A number of synced products, order, categories, and customers displays on the instance as shown below-

    Fill all the credentials correctly to connect your CS-Cart and Odoo together to establish the successful connection. From CS-Cart dashboard, copy the API key and paste it into Odoo.

    Set all the relevant details in the configuration for importing the products from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    Follow this path to set configuration Multi-Channel >Instances>Configuration.


    Map Odoo Order States like- Quotation, Draft, Canceled etc with  CS-Cart Order States like-Completed, On-Hold, Refunded to sync the sale order of a specific state at the CS-Cart end to a specified state at Odoo end.

    For example– Those orders whose state is “On-hold” at CS-Cart end will be mapped and synced as “Quotation” at Odoo end, state “Completed” is mapped as “Done” and state “Pending” is mapped as “Sale order” at Odoo end.

    After the configuration of the CS-Cart instance, click on Test Connection to establish the connection successfully.

    A popup will arise showing the successful connection.


    Import Shipping

    A new menu “OPERATIONS” will appear, after the establishment of a new connection.

    Import operations button will visible to perform import operations from CS-cart to Odoo.

    Click on the “Import Shipping” button to import all your shipping methods from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    A pop up arises showing all imported shipping methods.

    Import Categories

    To import the categories from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    Simply click on“Import categories” button to import all your categories from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    A pop up arises showing the imported categories.

    Import Products

    When products are imported from CS-Cart, as a result, all the categories related to that product will also get imported.

    Click on “Import Product” button to import all your products from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    A pop up shows that products have been imported.

    Import Partners

    To import partners from CS-Cart to Odoo,  simply click on “Import Partners” button.

    A pop up shows that customers have been imported.

    Import Orders 

    The CS-cart bridge offers a convenient option to import your orders from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    The example mentioned below shows how orders are synchronized from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    Suppose an order is placed at CS-Cart end(as shown in the screenshot below).

    Simply click on“Import Orders” button to import or synchronize your orders from CS-Cart to Odoo.

    Follow the path Sales>Quotations to see where an order has been imported.


    Export and Update Categories

    CS-Cart Odoo Bridge also provides real-time export and update of categories.

    To export and update categories from Odoo to CS-Cart.

    Follow the path Product Categories>Action>Export and Update Categories.

    Export And Update Products 

    Our CS-cart Odoo bridge provides real-time export of products from Odoo to CS-cart without any manual interference. It also supports Real-Time synchronization of stock of products from Odoo to CS-Cart(as shown in the screenshot below with an example).

    To export/update the products from Odoo to CS-Cart, you need to create the products at Odoo end.

    Follow the path Products>Action> Export/update Template .

    A pop-up arises showing options“Export” or “Update”. Select the” Channel” and click on “Export/Update now” button.

    The example mentioned below shows the synchronization of products from Odoo to CS-Cart.

    Now at CS-Cart end, the stock quantity will reflect the same.

    Website view of the exported product with stock synchronization.


    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!


    Current Product Version - 1.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - V8, V9, V10

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