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    CS-Cart Make An Offer

    CS-Cart Make An Offer: This splendid add-on grant users a transparency to negotiate the price of their desired product with the store admin. The extension is ideal for stores providing custom services or specific to stores that would benefit from the customer being able to place a custom quote.
    Once by selecting “Make An Offer” on product detail page, the user can enter and submit new price as per the quantity of their choice. Admin receives the offer via mail and an offer is generated. The offer can be accepted, rejected or countered based on the quotation. The admin and user can encounter and continue to negotiate via discussion panel provided. When the offer gets accepted the customer gets notified via mail and the sales go on.


    • Well integrated with CS-Cart/Multivendor.
    • Request for an offer from the frontend.
    • Create and customize make an offer form page.
    • The offer is restricted to single product based on price and quantity.
    • Option to view the list of offers with all recent estimate request sent in the “offer” page of registered user.
    • A separate section of discussion panel is provided to both admin and users where they can haggle related to offer.
    • The option to accept, reject or counter the offer is provided to admin.
    • Redirect users that accepts quotes to CS-Cart checkout page via reference link/promotion code provided by mail.
    • Manage offers with expiration dates.
    • Option to disable communication tab at admin end accordingly.
    • Option to re-create and manage quote requests from admin end against the response of an offer.
    • Rejected offers can be accepted in future if admin changes his mind.
    • The option of reCAPTCHA is provided to ensure that spammers cannot overload the server.
    • Ajax base process ensures user cannot place multiple offer for same product simultaneously.
    • Email sent to admin each time user makes an offer.
    • Email sent to users who made offers when it get accepted/rejected or countered.
    • Once an order is generated in response to the offer accepted then further it can not be rejected.
    • Auto promotion code/link creation upon accepting offer.

    Features Added in Version 1.1

    • Admin can enable the option for making an offer for selected categories.
    • Functionality to allow vendors to manage offers at their end.
    • Admin can show make an offer option for selected Features and Variants only.
    • Admin can disable a particular product for the customer from making an offer.
    • Option to display the offer form in a product tab at frontend.
    • Admin can enable/disable the offer handling process at vendor end.

    Features Added in Version 2.0

    • Functionality to enable/disable offer for a particular product.
    • Option to enable/disable offer for any particular category.
    • Functionality to enable/disable offer option for all the products of a particular vendor on the basis of the vendor plan.
    • Functionality to enable Google reCAPTCHA for verification is provided.

    Note: This add-on is compatible with Google reCAPTCHA add-on.

    Please check the below-listed cases for different offer configuration:

    1. If the product at backend has been disabled for making an offer but for the corresponding category, the offer option is enabled, then the make an offer option will become enabled.
    2. In case if the product at backend has been enabled for making an offer but for the corresponding category, the offer option is disabled, then the make an offer option will remain enabled.
    3. If the vendor has opted any plan in which the Make an offer is enabled then all the products of that vendor will be available for making an offer at frontend.

    So, we can say that the priority of Make an Offer status will be as: Product setting has the highest priority then the category will be given the priority and vendor get the least priortiy for automatic updation of Make an Offer status.

    How To Upload And Install The Add-on

    After downloading CS-Cart Make An Offer add-on you’ll get the zip file, one install.txt file, and a relevant User Guide manual doc. Read it carefully for proper configuration.

    Go to Manage Add-ons, click on “+” as shown below in the snapshot.


    Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in snapshot.

    CS-Cart Make An Offer

    Add-on will be installed successfully!


    Go to “manage add-ons” and upload and install the zip file provided. After installation, click on manage to configure the add-on.
    addon configure
    Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot

    • Click to display the product name and image on the offer form at frontend.
    • Check the box to display the product price on offer form.
    • Click to allow registration of guest user who creates an offer.
    • Allow image verification for registered user and the guest user.
    • Click to allow discussion for the rejected and accepted offers.
    • Click delete/disable to take actions for user promo codes.
    • Check the box to display offer option on the product tab.

    general settings

    Further, there are some settings for discussion and offer. Please set the below parameters accordingly & Save.

    • Add the prefix and initial order number or vendor name for creating offer promotion name.
    • Click to notify admin or vendor or both whenever a new offer is created or an offer gets accepted, rejected or Re-opened by admin.
    • Enter the custom email ids for sending the offer notifications.
    • Under the discussion section, click to notify admin/vendor when any new comment is posted on discussion panel either by the customer or by admin/vendor.
    • Enter the custom email ids for sending the notification whenever the new comment is added to the discussion panel of the offer.


    Back End View

    Go to “Make An Offer” tab & click on “Add Custom Fields”.

    custom fields
    Set the fields as per the below snapshot.

    • The email, product quantity, and price per product fields are the mandatory fields.
    • To add any other custom field admin need to set the name, position and type of the field from the drop-down.

    add custom fileds

    Now let’s see how you can enable Make A Offer option for a particular product, category or vendor.

    Open the product edit page at the backend. Click on the Addon tab as shown below. You can Enable/Disable the Make an Offer option. If set to None means Offer not applicable on this product.

    edit product

    Now open the category edit page at the backend. Click on the Addon tab as shown below.  You can Enable/Disable the Make an Offer option from here. If set to None means Offer not applicable on this category.


    settings addon

    Now open the Vendor Plan tab (In Multi-Vendor Edition) at the backend. You can Enable/Disable the Make an Offer option from here. If set to None means Offer not applicable for this vendor.


    edit vendor plan

    How to configure Google reCAPTCHA at Backend:

    Go to “Manage add-ons” and find the “Google reCAPTCHA” add-on. Click on this add-on to configure its settings.


    Enter the Site key and Secret key  to activate Google reCAPTCHA to your site. After that select the “Theme”, “Size” and “Type” for Google reCAPTCHA. Now check the various events for which you want to allow Google reCAPTCHA.

    (Note: To get the Google reCAPTCHA secret key, you need to sign up for an API key pair for your site. Firstly, choose the type of reCAPTCHA and then fill in authorized domains names. After you accept terms of service, you can click Register button to get new API key pair.)



    Frontend View

    In the product page, click on “Make an Offer” to view the offer form.
    front end view
    The user needs to enter the fields mentioned in the form and click on submit to place the offer as shown below in the snapshot.product

    Tab view: In case you have checked the option “Display offer in product Tab” in the settings field at the backend. The Make an offer option will be available in the product tab. Here’s the screenshot for tab view

    product tab

    Manage Offers at Admin end

    After the offer is get submitted by the visitor at frontend, it will be listed at the backend. Go to “Make An Offer” tab and click on “Offers” to view and manage the list of offers.
    View of list of offers. Click on the desired offer to view the detail page of it.
    offer list
    Click on “reject” button to reject the offer and “accept” button to accept it.
    offer detail page
    Once Admin accepts the offer, a form gets popped up where he needs to fill the details as shown below in the snapshot.
    make an offer
    In the discussion panel, admin can communicate with the user as shown below in the snapshot.
    discussion panel
    In the offer detail page, the admin will find the following functionalities listed below.

    • Click on “block discussion for this offer” to disable the chat functionality from the user end.
    • To resend the offer details to user, click on “resend offer”.
    • Click on “delete” to delete the offer.
    • View of offer history.

    offer detail page

    User end

    To view the list of offers at the user end, he/she needs to click on “offer” as shown below in the snapshot.
    Click on the desired offer to view the detail of it as shown below in the snapshot.
    offer detail
    The view of offer detail page. You can view the latest offers accepted/rejected by admin here.
    offer detail
    View of the discussion panel at the user end.
    discussion panel
    Click on “buy now” to purchase the product as per offer.
    buy now
    View of the checkout page.
    checkout page


    That’s all for the CS-Cart Make An Offer, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 3.0

    Supported Framework Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x

    Blog Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
    • Version 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
    • Version 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x
    . . .
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