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CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages

Updated 10 October 2023

CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages is an application that optimizes the experience of mobile browsing for all your users by standardizing the mobile version of your site. With the installation of this add-on, the home page, the product detail page, and the category pages of the user’s site will be AMP compatible.

What is AMP? It is an open-source coding standard for publishers. It is a lightweight version of web pages to help them load faster on a mobile device. This surely will boost the performance rate by decreasing the duration of loading of pages.

Features of CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages (Version 2.0)

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.
  • Provides the ability to decrease the delay in loading the product detail page and blog page of CS-Cart.
  • In addition, Provides a hassle-free surfing process.
  • Ultra-fast page loading makes the mobile web experience better for the user.
  • Moreover Increases client acquisition.

Features of CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages (Version 3.0)

  • Provide an option to make the home, category, and product detail pages AMP-compatible.
  • Increase more traffic from Google by enhancing your SEO.
  • Provide an option to modify the Theme of AMP.
  • Provide an option to show On sales, Bestsellers, and New products on AMP.
  • You can show Social share icons on the product page.
  • Option to add banners on AMP homepage.
  • Provide an option to add products to the cart on AMP.
  • Option to show Header and Footer on AMP.
  • Moreover, Option to show categories as a sidebar on AMP.

New Features of CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages (Version 4.0)

  • Provided the new AMP Login and Sign Up feature in the AMP Pages.
  • Provided the new Manifest with multiple options in the AMP Pages.
  • Users can now add the products to the cart and check out as well.
  •  Users can also check the order details and order list as well in the AMP pages.
  • Also, added the search product ability in the AMP pages.

Video Tutorial

After downloading the CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages, you’ll get one zip file and install.text. Read the install.text carefully and configure it accordingly.


Go to “manage add-ons”, and click on “+” to upload the zip file provided as shown below in the snapshot.
manage add-on
Click on “local” and select the zip. “Upload and Install” the zip file.
upload & install
Installed Add-on:
CS-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages

Configure the accelerated mobile pages

General settings for Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages main banners settings:

Configure the Theme settings for Accelerated Mobile Pages :
Configure the AMP manifest settings.

Mobile View

Home Page View :

Have a look at the screenshot for Accelerated Mobile home Page :

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Find out More


Users can now sign up on the AMP pages.


Users can now log in to their accounts on the AMP pages.


Here’s the screenshot for Accelerated Mobile Product Detail Page :


Here’s the screenshot for the Accelerated Mobile category Page :


Accelerated Mobile Pages Footer View :

You can provide direct links to your main site for Main menu categories and the newest products on the AMP as a footer.


You can provide direct links to your main site for your shop on the AMP as a footer.

View of CS-Cart, cart, and check-out page in the AMP Pages :



Users can now also check  the order list on the AMP pages as well.


This is the order details page for the users on the AMP pages.



That’s all for the Cs-Cart Accelerated Mobile Pages. Still, have any issues please feel free to write us at [email protected] and let us know your views to make the application better. For any technical assistance, just raise a ticket at

Besides this, you can please explore our cs-cart Development Services and Quality cs-cart add-ons.

Current Product Version - 4.0

Supported Framework Version - 4.14.x - 4.16.x

Blog Version - 4.14.x - 4.16.x
  • Version 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x
  • Version 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x
  • Version 4.14.x - 4.16.x
. . .

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