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    Creating and Managing Purchase Order in Odoo

    Updated 27 August 2020

    Creating and Managing Purchase Order in Odoo


    A purchase order can be defined as the first commercial document that is issued by a buyer to the seller which indicates the agreed price of the products or services.

    Are you a seller but not a manufacturer and are generally engaged in heavy purchase transactions which is difficult to manage? Do you want to manage your purchase orders? 

    Now, you can create purchase orders in an organized way with the help of Odoo. Odoo is popular for its strong grasp inventory which makes managing purchase orders in Odoo more efficient.  

    If you want to know the flow of purchase order in Odoo then this guide can help you in the best possible way.


    Once you have sent RFQ, you can click on the button Confirm to place the Purchase Order;

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    creating purchase order in odoo

    You can also create the Purchase Order by the following the below-mentioned way:

    1. Go to the Purchase Module then click on Create button
    2. Fill the Vendor as well as other Details; also add the product and its quantity to the Product Line
    3. Odoo users can Click on Other Option-Tab to add additional details as per your requirements
    4. Now you can send the RFQ via Email and can also print it.
    5. Click on Confirm Order to create the purchase order in Odoo.
    Purchase order in odoo


    A receipt is a record of incoming shipments in Odoo.

    Managing Receipt in Odoo Purchase Order

    1. Once you have confirmed the Purchase Order you can notice the Receipt button on the top right section of your screen.
    2. Click On the Receipt Button then Click on Validate. You can also Validate it by clicking on Recieve Products in the Purchase order Page.
    3. After that click on the Print button from there, you can print Picking Operations as well as Delivery Slip
    Receipt in done state


    1) Once a purchase order is created; you can notice the Create Bill button on the top;

    2) Click on the Create Bill button and then click on the validate; consequently, the state will change into paid

    bill in paid state

    3) Vendor bill created will be reflected on the top of a particular purchase order

    vendor bill in Odoo Purchase order


    A purchase agreement can be defined as a legal document outlining the various terms and conditions that are related to the sale of products. It creates a legally binding contract between the seller as well as the buyer.

    Configuration to activate Purchase Agreement in Odoo

    Go to Purchase Module> Configuration> Settings and activate the Purchase Agreements feature.

    purchase agreement configuration

    Creating Purchase Agreement in Odoo

    1) Go to the Purchase Module then Click on Purchase where you will get the drop down

    2) Select Purchase Agreement from the list and then click on Create button

    3) To create the Purchase Agreement Fill all the fields then Click on the Confirm Button; it will go to the confirmed state

    4) Click on the validate button after validating it you can notice the RFD/Order button on the top right section of the screen; it will go to the Bid selection State

    5) Click on the RFD/Order button and Validate the RFQ which is suitable to you and cancel the other RFQs

    bid selection in odoo

    6) Return to Purchase Agreement then Click on the Close Button

    Some defined Agreement Type 

    Call For Tender

    It can be defined as the type where a customer sends Request for a quote to many vendors and select the one whose price suits them best.

    Blanket Order

    It can be defined as an order which a customer places to allow multiple delivery dates over a period of time.


    Did you find the guide helpful? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below. If you have any issues/queries regarding the Odoo functionality please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at [email protected].

    Thanks for paying attention!!

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