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Creating A Multisite Network In WordPress

Updated 29 January 2019

WordPress comes with a feature to create multiple websites using the same WordPress setup. A WordPress multisite network allows us to run and manage multiple WordPress websites from just a single WordPress setup. For setting up a multisite network , all website must share the same server resource.

Example of  a Multisite network is “a shopping website with subsites for different locations and products”.

For multisite network we first need to choose the Domain structure for the multisite network. On a WordPress multisite network, we can add new sites using either subdomains or sub-directories.

Now that our content is split into blocks, we can hover over the spot where we want to insert the first image.

If we choose subdomains, then we will have to configure wildcard subdomains on our server. For configuring wildcard subdomains we need a cPanel account and create subdomains there.

And if we choose subdirectories for sites in network then we need to enable permalinks on our root site.

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Enabling WordPress Multisite Network Feature

Multisite Network feature comes in-built with each WordPress install. All we need to do is to install WordPress. After that, we just need to enable the multisite feature.

Open the wp-config.php  for editing from FTP client or cPanel file.

Add following code to the wp-config.php file :-

/* Multisite */
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Now save and upload the wp-config.php  file back to the server.

Above code will enable the Multisite feature in our WordPress site. Now we will setup the mutisite network.

Setting up WordPress Multisite Network

First of all we need to deactivate all the plugins then we will setup WordPress Multisite Network.

After deactivating all the plugins, go to Tools » Network Setup 


We need to provide a title and admin email for our network and make sure that the email address in the Network admin email is correct.

At last, click on the install button to continue.

WordPress will now show us some code that we need to enter to wp-config.php and .htaccess file.


After completing these steps we need to login in WordPress once again.

Now we will configure the network settings.

Configuring Network Settings in WordPress Multisite

First we will navigate to the network dashboard to change network settings, add new sites, and configure other settings.


Then we will see menus to manage settings of new sites in the network.





The first option on network settings page is to set our site title and admin email address. These fields will be filled with the network title and admin email we have entered during setup. Then we have to perform “Registration settings” according to our need.

Network admin can allow notifications every time someone registers or creates a user account from allowing “Registration notifications” and If we want to allow individual site administrators the ability to add new users on their sites, then we have to click on the checkbox next to “Add New Users” option.

“Limited Email Registration” option allows us to limit site and user registration to email addresses from specific domains. This is particularly useful if we only want to allow people from our organization to register and create users and sites. In the same way we can ban specific domains also.

In the “New site settings” we have to fill the details regarding welcome email, first post, first page, first comment, first comment author, first comment email, first comment URL.

From the “Upload settings” we can limit the total amount of space a site can use for uploads. We can set the upload file types and maximum upload file size also from here.

Now we have to set the default language for the site.

At last we have to enable “Administrative menus” if we want to show plugin menu to respective site admins. They can activate or deactivate a plugin on their individual sites, but they cannot install new plugins into their sites.

Adding New Sites to WordPress Multisite Network

For adding a new site to WordPress multisite, simply click on Sites » Add New under Network Admin Dashboard in the admin toolbar.


Now fill the details of the site and click on add site. A site will be added to the network


Adding Plugins to Multisite Network

To add themes, go to My Sites » Network Admin » Plugins page and network activate deactivate plugins from here.


That’s all about Creating a Multisite Network in WordPress.

Thanks for reading this blog 🙂 .

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