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    Create Hybrid Application Using Phonegap

    As we know mobile applications are playing an important role in todays life. so it would be beneficial to attract customers through mobile applications.

    Technology is changing very rapidly and creating mobile applications  is not completely dependent on particular programming language.

    example of such a platform is phonegap.

    what is phonegap ?

    phonegap is a mobile application development platform through which hybrid mobile application can be developed using web development languages.

    hybrid mobile application means that it can be run in any mobile operating system eg:- android,windows mobile os,ios etc.

    what do we require and which language we need to learn ?

    if you can build a web application you can also build a mobile application . so basically you should know how to code in  html,css,javascript that’s it.

    Tools we need 

    • js mobile framework

    we can choose a framework to give the application look and feel of a mobile application.we can also build from scratch using core javascript , but it would take a lot of effort to give it a touch of native mobile application.

    e.g.:- jQuery mobile, framework 7,onsen ui.

    • IDE

    we need IDE according to the application we are developing applications for the mobile platform .

    e.g:- Android studio is used for android  application , Xcode for iOS application.

    Is it possible to use native platform functionality using phone gap?

    yes it is possible through plugins, phonegap has good plugin support , you can do anything using it as you can do in a native application.

    some of the plugins provided by phone gap  you can  check here .

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