Create eBay application to get keys and user token

eBay Application is required to get token and keys, that are required to get and set desired data from and to an eBay store, which is pre-requisite for any eBay-e-commerce connector. The following article provides a stepwise procedure to get set up and eBay application and get user token

Create eBay application and get token

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Register for developer account, if you already have a developer account on eBay simply sign in to that account

ebay Application

Step 3: Create an application

eBay Application

Step 4: You’ll be presented with two options – ‘Sandbox’ and ‘Production’, click on ‘create a keyset’ of the mode you want to get data from. On clicking ‘create a keyset’, you’ll see ‘App ID’, ‘Dev ID’, and ‘Cert ID’ listed.

The below screenshots follow the procedure of Production mode.

eBay Application

Step 5: ebay will ask for Sign into your production account. Follow that

eBay Application

Step 6: Fill credentials and Sign in

eBay Application

Step 7: Click ‘Agree’ to get user token

eBay Application

Step 8: You’ll be redirected to a page listing your user token. Simply copy and use it where required

eBay Application

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