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    create custom shipping method in magento2

    To create custom shipping method in magento 2 , you first need to define it in your config.xml file, which is located at:


    In this file we define shipping method code, which should be unique for each method.

    Now, we need to define our model, which is already defined in config.xml under the <model> tag.

    In model we calculate our shipping cost.


    After that your shipping method will get displayed on frontend.

    To define custom setting of shipping method, you need to create system.xml , which is at location:


    . . .

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  • Ghulam Muhammad
    Really helpful material This is what I was looking 🙂 .
  • cole hafner
    This is great. Thank you! However, I’m trouble understanding how to get the data in the current cart/order, so I can pass it to my external shipping API. I expect I’m supposed to make the request in collectRates() function. Does the RateRequest param include information such as destination address, cart items, and weight? If no, where can I get that information? Any help would be much appreciated.
    • Piyush Dangre
      I have the same question ! Pls any help wud be appreciated ! 🙂
    • Piyush Dangre
      @cole_hafner:disqus Did you figure out how to do that, mate?
  • Arsalan Ajmal
    Thank you for your post, very helpful. Keep on sharing your great work 🙂
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