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Complete User Guide for Odoo Affiliate Management

Updated 15 February 2024


Odoo Affiliate Management – Make affiliate customers in Odoo!!

Marketing is crucial for organizations to enhance products, best done at the right time. By engaging affiliates, businesses can promote products tirelessly. 

Sales incentives drive affiliates to attract more consumers, aiding business growth. With Odoo Affiliate Management, managing affiliates is hassle-free, creating and managing programs within the app.

Candidates can sign up through the website, managed conveniently from the Odoo backend. You can check Odoo Mutli-level marketing for smooth marketing of your products.

Check the video mentioned below for an overview of the functionality of Odoo Affiliate Management:

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  1. The Odoo Affiliate Management module helps to create an Affiliate Program for your website using Odoo.
  2. You can manage the entire affiliate Program using Odoo from the back-end
  3. The admin can approve/reject the affiliate request from the back end.
  4. The admin can manage the Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliate program using Odoo.
  5. Every Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) event generates an order report on each affiliate’s website. The admin set the maturity time for a PPC.
  6. Commissions can be set based on fixed or percentage paid by the admin.
  7. Every Pay-per-click (PPC) event generates an event report on each affiliate’s webpage.
  8. An affiliate can generate a link or Banner to promote a product from his account.
  9. Set your threshold amount in the commission calculation.
  10. The admin can edit and send emails to new affiliates, like welcome or request cancellation mail.
  11. You have an option to customize the email text that is sent to users when they sign up.


  1. After buying the App from the Webkul store you will receive the link to download the zip file of the module.
  2. Extract the file on your system after the download finishes. You will be able to see a folder named- ‘affiliate_management.’
  3. Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Add-Ons path.
  4. Now, open the Odoo App and click on the Settings menu. Here, click on Activate the Developer Mode.
  5. Now open the Apps menu and click on the ‘Update Modules List.’
  6. In the search bar, remove all the filters and search ‘affiliate_management.’
  7. You will be able to see the module in the search results. Click on ‘Install’ to install it.

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  1. After installing the module open your portal and then Menu > Affiliate Manager  
  1. Now click on Configuration > setting 
  1. Here, define all the necessary details like affiliate product, payment day, minimum payout balance, configure emails, etc. If you want to use PPC, enable the field “enable PPC”. If you Enable the field “Automatic Approve Request” then you can automate the request approval save.
  1. Under, the Affiliate Program option, click on the ‘Configure’ button to define all essential details for the affiliate program config.
  1. Configure the PPC and PPS according to your business needs. 
  1. You can also set Advance Computation for PPC and PPS.

Became an Affiliate

  1. Now your “USER” clicks on the Affiliate under “Useful links” to request to become an affiliate user, and then your user gets an email for completing the signup process
  1. Now open the Affiliate Manager menu. Under the Affiliate Manager menu, check the affiliate request status with their respective email ID.
  1. Click on any user that you want to edit then you can approve or reject the request from here.
  1. Now, move toward to user’s affiliate website and there you get the “View my Affiliate Account” button. That means the account has been created.
  1. After clicking on the “View my Affiliate Account” button can affiliate user can check his/her clicks, orders, commission earned, commission cleared, affiliate or other details.
  1. Now click on the TOOLS button shown in the reference image. 
  1. Here, you can generate affiliate links or product links as shown in the reference image.

Handling you Affiliate

  1. If any customer clicks on the affiliate link or purchases a product from the affiliate link then you will be notified. Or you will check from “Order Reports” or “Traffic Report”  under “Reports” in the “Affiliate Manager” section.
  1. Now Admin can pay a commission for “affiliated sales or click” by clicking on 

Affiliate Manager> Reports > Order report > Pay Per Sale


Affiliate Manager> Reports > Traffic Report > Pay Per Click

  1. Now you can pay the affiliate commission by clicking on Pay Per Sale > Confirm > Create Invoice > Confirm Draft Bill. This Odoo Affiliate Multi-tier Commission module also have same functionality.
  1. Affiliate users can also check the Commission Earned on the affiliate website by clicking on the “Earned Commission” button


Hope you find the guide helpful! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

If you still have any issues/queries regarding the same, please raise a ticket at the UV Desk.

For any doubt, contact us at our support mail.

Thanks for paying attention!!

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Current Product Version - 1.0.2

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V17, V16

Blog Version - Odoo V17, V16
  • Version Odoo V17, V16
  • Version Odoo V15, V14
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