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Case Study A Man & His Cave

A Man and His Cave- How does Jaya Yoannidis do Real-Time data Sync with Shopify Salesforce Integration?

Platform Salesforce
Industry Retail
Country Australia

Let’s check out which connector is used by Jaya Yoannidis that gives great results and syncs real-time data by doing Shopify Salesforce integration.

A Man and His Cave is an online supplier of entertainment and furnishings that has specialization in man cave goods. It includes kegerators, arcade & pinball machines, bar fridges, recliners, and more. The team at A Man & His Cave has top provider of man cave products over the past two years in Australia. They have earned a reputation for providing great customer service and unmatched sales advice.

How does Webkul’s connector help Jaya Yoannidis to grow its business?

With all of this preparation, there was one challenge. The Man Cave market lacked a one-stop shop where customers could purchase any or all requested goods. Accessibility of the items, the accrual of time, and significant delivery expenses were problems. That won’t allow them to grow their business properly. So they started using Shopify and then the challenge is to sync Shopify data to Salesforce for better insights.


Our Webkul expert Salesforce team asks them to use the eShopSync for Shopify connector to sync real-time data by doing Shopify Salesforce integration. It helps to sync real-time data, customer synchronization as a business account, and match fields. All data includes customers, orders, collections, warehouse, products, and inventory to your Salesforce account. With this, you can choose in which area you have to work to grow your business.

How did Webkul Help Jaya Yoannidis?

Webkul helps Jaya Yoannidis by providing the eShopSync for Shopify connector to sync real-time data by doing Shopify Salesforce integration. The features that Jaya Yoannidis get to grow their business website (A Man and His Cave) by purchasing the connector are:-

  1. Shopify and Salesforce Field Mapping
  2. Shopify Order to Salesforce Opportunities in Sync
  3. Record Type Mapping
  4. Maintaining logs of sync data
  5. Sync based on Matching Criteria
  6. Order Fulfillment/Transaction
  7. Draft Order sync
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Sync compatibility of the customer to the Business or a Person Account
  10. Compatible with NPSP packages and CPQ
  11. Field Mapping
  12. You can also do the selection for creating leads. It can be done when the customer is registered but has not made any purchase yet.

The eShopSync for Shopify connector is available on eShopSync, Salesforce Appexchange, and the Webkul store.

What Results did Jaya Yoannidis get From Webkul?

The results are amazing, Jaya Yoannidis, Managing Director of A Man and His Cave sync real-time data by doing Shopify Salesforce integration. After the integration of the application eShopSync for Shopify, she can sync Shopify data to Salesforce. With this, she also avails all the features and benefits to grow the business. Want to hire a Salesforce consultant connect with our Salesforce team or write an email at [email protected].

Very helpful. Great service from Nishi!
Jaya Yoannidis
Managing Director
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