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Case Study Bigmixmarket

Bigmixmarket – An Upcoming Estonian Based Online Marketplace for B2B Products

Platform OpenCart
Industry Retail
Country Estonia

Bigmixmarket is an Estonian-based company and is soon launching its online B2B marketplace store. At the moment, the website is under maintenance stage as it’s being currently developed and getting ready for launch.

There are diverse products from electronics, fashion, footwear and other categories, whose vendors can register and start listing on the Bigmixmarket. In the near future, Estonian B2B shoppers will be able to buy these products online.

b2b marketplace

This upcoming online marketplace is a business-to-business website. Plus, it will have B2B features like requests for quotation, mass upload, bulk purchase, and quick order.

Estonian Ecommerce Market

The Statista Estonia report, projects the e-commerce market to reach US$998.60m in 2022. Further, anticipate showing an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2025) of 13.81%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1,472.00m by 2025.

In Estonia’s e-commerce market, the number of users will increase to 0.8m by 2025. Also, user penetration will become 57.4% in 2022 and may further increase to hit 63.4% by 2025. Also to note, the average revenue per user (ARPU) may amount to US$1.32k.

Fashion, electronics, food, furniture, and toys, DIY, & hobby make up the leading categories of products that Estonian shoppers buy online.

Convert Individual Stores into One Trading Platform

Alexander Piskovatskiy, Director, E-Tech Invest OÜ was serving many individual stores and had a tough time advertising them. This became unprofitable. So Alexander wanted a change that could help overcome this challenge.

Therefore, we decided to make one trading platform and transfer all customers to one store. Within this store, many merchants could register. And start selling out their products with ease.

Using this tactic was an ideal option with the largest capabilities. This helped achieve the goal to make one trading platform. And transfer all customers to one store as per the need.

Find Reliable OpenCart Development Team

Alexander required a company with commerce experience and knowledge. So, here came Webkul which had a long history of creating the best commerce solutions.

Webkul is an official Opencart Gold Partner and OpenCart GitHub Contributor. Offering complete OpenCart development services for building a custom web store, marketplace, mobile app, and much more.

“Compared the possibilities and the work done among all programmers. Many projects had dead ends. There was no technical support, limited features, little programming experience. A commercial project required a reliable company with experience, knowledge, quick response to questions, of course, the cost of the work, to bring the matter to the end. According to these criteria, only Webkul met.”

– Alexander Piskovatskiy, Director, E-Tech Invest OÜ

Select Best Ecommerce Tech Stack

Mr, Piskovatskiy was looking out to set up a marketplace retail store with a b2b marketplace functionality. Besides using the best OpenCart Marketplace solution, Alexander also saw our ready-to-deploy solutions and found them as the perfect mix of commerce tech stack to build up the Bigmixmarket.

“Webkul developed an e-commerce website for us. The team presented samples and ready-made modules for a complex trading platform that serves multiple stores and advertising.”, Alexander Piskovatskiy, Director, E-Tech Invest OÜ.

They had samples of work, ready-made modules for use. Almost all modules were ready for use and no modifications were required. As a result, as a constructor, we assembled a very large store based on Opencart with great opportunities. The complexity was the integration into my server, errors appeared and they were successfully eliminated.

Alexander Piskovatskiy, Director, E-Tech Invest OÜ

Build Marketplace B2B Features

Firstly, the need of the client as stated was for business buyers & suppliers platform and this got achieved via Webkul B2B Marketplace. It was a trading platform with all the B2B related features needed.


Moreover, the customers can buy products from many merchants on the website. Also, the merchants can add many products in bulk as well under their account panel.


They also have the option to set the request for quotation for their products. Moreover, using this the customers can request products in bulk from the merchants at the requested price if approved.

Sell Discounted Products

The client has a need for a feature wherein discounts and offers can get applied to the seller’s products. After that, the deals should be visible on the storefront under a particular section.


Daily deals are now becoming an integral part of e-commerce stores and marketplaces. Since customers are always on the lookout to search for lower prices for their desired products.

Manage Retail Stores with WebPOS

The client also needed retail pos solution wherein the merchants can also sell out their products from the physical outlets using a web-based POS terminal.

So that the merchants could be able to create agents who can manage the web-based POS terminals within the physical stores. Apart from that, the agents will be able to process the orders via the POS terminals.

Restrict Seller Listings

The client also requires seller membership plan. So that, the client should be able to set up different listing plans with different pricing as per the need.


Accordingly, Webkul helped the client to get this feature using OpenCart Membership System. As a result, the admin can create memberships, restrict access permissions for each, and set the allowed quantities/products within the membership plans as well.

Save Time and Resources

Webkul team successfully maintained an organized collaboration through its fast and easy-to-use ticketing system and communication via email and chat. It is powered by UVdesk (an open-source project by Webkul).

That is to say, with our well-organized helpdesk support, the client could communicate from anywhere (web, mobile, email) and all messages were collected and organized in a ticket system.

Further, providing a very convenient way to send wireframe diagrams in messages. Without needing any skills to learn complex image editing programs.

To sum up, Webkul’s deliverable helped the client save time on store maintenance and money on advertising as they can now seamlessly serve multiple end clients using one platform.

They know their product very well and know the products of other manufacturers. They understand my wishes and fulfill them. For us, English is a foreign language, but we easily understand each other as if we were communicating in our native language. They knew the programming and mentality of other nationalities. Their product was rare and of good quality in today's world.
Alexander Piskovatskiy
Director, E-Tech Invest OÜ
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