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    Case Study Mama's First

    Mama’s First – Managing Business Information for Emerging Mother & Baby Care Retailer

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Retail
    Country Kuwait

    Mama’s First is Kuwait based company. It gets started and register in 2014. The products that Mama’s first provides are essential goods for toddlers and new mothers.

    Mama's First Magneto 2 to Odoo

    Moreover, Mama first aims to provide the best possible products to new mothers and babies. It can be a newborn baby to a toddler.


    Products range from the best possible category required for mothers and kids.

    Kuwait E-Commerce Market Size Overview

    The estimated market size for 4 million internet users is stated by the international trade administration of Kuwait. The e-commerce business is approved by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

    in Kuwait, e-commerce trading is bifurcated into external commerce and internal commerce. Where external means Kuwait to international markets and internal means inside Kuwait only.

    The above source of information is Statista.

    In Kuwait e-commerce carries more than 14 percent of the part of trading. So it signifies that e-commerce trading is the next essential part of the Kuwait market.

    Moreover, Kuwait’s internet and mobile usage is more than 90% and 56 % of users are below the age of 35. This clarifies the picture of the young crowd is moving toward internet usage

    Communicate Online Store with ERP System

    Mama’s first e-store is based on Magento 2. Whereas on Odoo the ERP is managed. These two platforms are in use by the client. The pain point which is resolved by Webkul is the integration between platforms.


    However, Webkul serves Mama’s First in managing the data with the products, order details, product details, and mapping.

    A Complete Integrated Solution for Adobe Commerce & Odoo

    Mama’s First products attributes are synced between Odoo and the Magneto 2. This syncing is done among all types of attributes and attribute sets.


    Furthermore, Webkul has successfully connected the Magento 2 store with the Odoo database. Over which the syncing and  Mapping are done of orders and products.

    Here is a glimpse of the same.


    The user can rest the mapping before initiating the new mapping.

    Sync Product Information with ERP

    Product mapping is done to sync the online store product listings with the Odoo ERP of Mama’s first. This is helpful in product management. The SKUs, price, and other attributes get synced easily from Magneto 2 to Odoo.

    Mama's First Magneto 2 to Odoo

    Moreover, here in the product mapping, customers can map all the products from Magento 2 to Odoo ERP. In Odoo ERP the product is visible at the store after the mapping.

    Mama's First Magneto 2 to Odoo

    However, with the help of Odoo bridge for Magento 2, Webkul has synced the order too. From these options, the order data is easily manageable through the ERP.


    Similarly, this is How Webkul connects Mama’s first Magento 2 built-in store with the Odoo ERP.

    Organizing Online Customer Database to ERP System

    Moreover, Mama’s first admin can also map their customer after using this. From the Magento 2 backend, the admin can export all the customers or they can update to Odoo.


    However, after the customer’s update on the Odoo, the ERP will get updated and can be managed easily.

    Furthermore, our customers won’t have to worry about manual work with real-time product, product category, and order sync from Mama’s First Magneto 2 to Odoo connector.

    It also allows for inventory synchronization in real-time on both ends.

    However, the goods and product categories from the Magento 2 store may be easily imported/exported to Odoo and vice versa. Orders and customers from the Magento 2 store can be imported and managed in Odoo.

    Conclusion of Mama’s First and Webkul

    After using Webkul integration work, Mama’s First has achieved its business aim by allowing customers to feel great as a user experience and hassle-free shopping experience.

    The Webkul team is always available for Mama’s team for fast, quick assistance and also provided all the custom development services.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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