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Case Study Vaporite

Vaporite: Supercharging Sales by Rewarding Customers with Loyalty Points

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Other
Country United States

Vaporite, a U.S. based company, manufactures and sells electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), also known as “Vaporizers”, colloquially referred to as “Vapes”.

In 2006 Vaporite started manufacturing vaporizers. Now the new words for vaporizers are Portable Vaporizers, Herb vaporizers, Desktop Vaporizers, and Pen Vaporizers.

They are the first in the market to introduce “Desktop Vaporizers”, which is one of the best-rated vaporizers in the eCommerce marketplace.

Vaporite Homepage

Vaporite is well-known for providing the Best Portable Vaporizers to users with a tobacco-free smoking experience at home using the best shipping and logistics services.

Vaporizers or E-cigarette Market in the USA

According to Statista, “In 2024, the revenue in the e-cigarette market in the United States is projected to reach a staggering US$8.8bn.”

“This market is anticipated to experience an annual growth rate of 3.24% from 2024 to 2028 (CAGR 2024-2028).”

“When compared globally, the United States stands as the leading revenue generator in the E-Cigarettes market, accounting for US$8.8bn in 2024.”

Pen Vaporizers

“Looking at the per capita figures, in 2024, the e-cigarette market industry in the United States is estimated to generate approximately US$29.21 per person in revenue.”

“The United States is experiencing a rapid growth in the e-cigarette market, driven by a shift towards healthier alternatives to traditional tobacco products.”

Challenges Faced by Vaporite

Vaporite recognizes the importance of reward points to its e-commerce platform for increasing sales and cultivating long-term relationships with customers.

And these long-term customer relationships will eventually help them generate higher revenue.

So, they were looking for a reward point solution that could incentivize customers by awarding them points for using their web store.

They want a solution where the customers can earn loyalty points for every purchase they make and for referring others.

Customers can redeem their reward points for future purchases.

This approach offers a win-win for both customers and the company. Customers benefit from rewards on their next purchase, while the company enjoys increased sales.

Solution of Reward or Loyalty Points

Webkul provided a solution for Vaporite to implement the feature of Magento 2 Reward Loyalty Points for their customers in their store.

This solution offers a loyalty rewards points program for customers.

Customers can earn loyalty points based on their purchases and activity.

Vaporite Products

Admin can customize the reward point allocation process in various ways, including:

On the customer’s end, they will have a separate reward points dashboard in their account panel. There, they can get all the information about the reward points.

Vaporite customer end reward Dashboard

End Note

With the help of Magento 2 extensions, Vaporite can implement the feature of allocating reward points to its customers.

The solution proved to be a useful asset for Vaporite in achieving its sales growth and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

This maintained their position as a leading company in the vaping industry.

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