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    Case Study Ta-Tta Delivery Solution

    Ta Tta Delivery – Fast Marketplace On-Demand Service Platform for Italian Locals

    Platform PrestaShop
    Industry Retail
    Country Italy

    Ta Tta Delivery is an Italy-based online delivery app. With the help of this app, local stores in various territories can offer products and services through it. The customers can use the TA TTA delivery mobile app for the same.

    TA TTA Delivery

    TA TTA DELIVERY has developed a platform through which various merchants can connect with each other. Customers may request the purchase of a product or service as per their needs.

    Furthermore, the TA TTA app works on both platforms iOS and Android. The customer can opt for any option like a Physical store, online shop, and a rider.

    TA TTA Delivery

    Vendor can add their physical store with TA TTA delivery for better business opportunities. If they have an online shop that can be linked as well for delivery purposes.

    Moreover, if a customer can become a rider or delivery person they can also register and start their work. The delivery agents can link with the store and get updated on the app about the delivery information.

    Ecommerce sector in Italy

    Italy is the 14th largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$26 billion in 2021. The B2C e-commerce market in Italy has grown at a double-digit rate since 2017, generating approximately $36 billion in 2020.

    With an increase of 17%, the Italian eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 29% in 2021. The revenue of the eCommerce sector in Italy continuously increasing.

    Furthermore, eCommerce is the fastest growing sector in Italy and plays a major role in the economy. Many companies are collaborating in Italy to expand their business. The most used online stores are grocery, daily needs, shipping, health, and fitness.

    How does COVID-19 affect eCommerce in Italy?

    COVID-19 affects all the businesses and many businesses turn close. As of March 2020, the world went into lockdown with terms and conditions.

    After that, businesses need to follow terms and conditions for reopening the business such as applying masks on faces, social distancing and social distancing, and availability of customers at one time.

    Moreover, people are taking interest in online shopping instead of offline store shopping. Because in the situation covid19 everyone wants to stay home and be protected so they are opting for online services instead of going out.

    The most affected business is small-scale businesses that faced crises while this tough time. But it also creates the opportunity to enlist them on the online platform.

    Are mobile apps really essential for e-commerce businesses?

    Mobile is the undetachable part of today’s life. Everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection. People use their mobile phones very conveniently and frequently for shopping from anywhere.

    Ecommerce Android and iOS apps are the main tools through which store are targeting their audience and converting into their customer.

    If any website provides the feature of ordering a product from a phone and getting it delivered. It enhances the user experience and is also good for businesses to reach a maximum number of users.

    TA TTA Delivery

    Moreover, it is very beneficial for all businesses to adopt the online market. People started with mobile applications for buying products as per their requirements.

    During COVID-19, the online market is the only market that starts increasing day by day. People have to stay at their places busy with daily activities and the online store gets very popular

    I’m the CEO of TA TTA Business solution, a multi-seller delivery platform which allows small businesses and service providers to deliver their products and services.

    We wanted to transform an ecommerce website/app system to a delivery app

    Christian Barone, CEO, TA TTA Business Solutions

    Why did TA TTA Delivery connect with Webkul?

    The TA TTA delivery connects with Webkul for the marketplace app. As they have a number of customization according to their requirement.

    Webkul has completed all the work in committed time which promotes TA TTA delivery to work with Webkul.

    Mobikul delivered the app before the deadline due to their organization and management skills. The team uses a ticketing system to monitor every task and goal in the project. Mobikul provides mobile app development services for a multi-asset startup. The team created a delivery app through Dart and Flutter. We launched our app on time. And tickets/task show the due date of every release so we can plan the project in the best way.

    Christian Barone, CEO, TA TTA Business Solutions

    Why did TA TTA Delivery choose Webkul for the development of its mobile applications?

    Christian Barone from TA TTA business contacted Webkul for the development of TA TTA delivery and TA TTA Marketplace app. The client was looking for a digital solutions provider for the development of their delivery mobile applications as it is built on PrestaShop.

    Furthermore, it’s an open-source platform developed in PHP programming language. The PrestaShop platform is very much suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

    It also has a range of extensions to increase the productivity of your store. Prestashop Mobile Apps are designed to work with both iOS and Android.

    PrestaShop is an easy-to-use platform that provides many addons and customized services to businesses. It widely used platform by many business owners worldwide.

    How do Webkul M-Commerce Services assist TA TTA Delivery?

    TA TTA delivery is an online delivery app where wholesalers, retailers, food chains, and service providers can connect with customers as per their requirements.

    Webkul assists them with features of a mobile application to deliver products and services. We also created Andriod and iOS versions for TA TTA delivery applications that help to attract their audience.

    Furthermore, it’s easy to order anything online via phone and receive live notifications of the delivery. Webkul helps TA TTA to create apps like this and allows them to provide services to the users.

    Custom features of TA TTA Delivery

    When customers will open the TA TTA delivery the homepage will appear. Customers can check the listed items or sellers on the page. Choose the desired item and place the order.

    There is different categories listen on the page and customer can check them and order them. Then TA TTA coordinates with the provider and then delivered your product to the users.

    Moreover, the customer can register themselves in the app and use it as a seller, store admin, and delivery person. The customer can check the list and find specific products from a specific vendor.

    As TA TTA delivery is a multivendor marketplace so many vendors list in the store. Webkul has created this app as per the requirements with specific banners, images, themes, etc.

    TA TTA Marketplace app

    Webkul has also created a marketplace app on PrestaShop. TA TTA marketplace app offers a clothing range all over Italy. Users can register in the app and explore it.

    Furthermore, multiple sellers can list their products in the store and users can select the product from multiple ranges. The app is only available to the people of Italy.

    Furthermore, the web page delivery is linked with the app for each order placed with the app. and is directly reflected on the web page. The vendors can enlist their physical store on TA TTA delivery.

    TA TTA

    Vendors can also enlist their online store with TA TTA delivery to reach a maximum number of customers all over Italy.

    TA TTA

    Furthermore, the customer can become the delivery person or rider. They will deliver the orders to the customer all information will gather on their TA TTA delivery app.

    TA TTA

    Moreover, this simple concept could be the reason that made TA TTA delivery a popular option among small business owners in Italy.

    The TA TTA delivery app reached more than 3.7 million users on monthly basis. More than 500 delivery agents and 100+ vendors.

    The ticket system and ERP help to reach every goal in project. The team is professional, reliable, and smart.
    Christian Barone
    CEO, Ta-Tta Delivery Solution
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