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Case Study Cassia Networks

Synchronize Shopify With Salesforce- A Solution By Webkul To Cassia Networks

Platform Salesforce
Industry Technology
Country United States

“Cassia Networks” was trying to sync all the data from their Shopify store to Salesforce CRM. This was getting tough as their data got increased day by day. They came in contact with Webkul for the best-ever solution with which they can Synchronize Shopify with Salesforce. After that, they saved time and money by applying automation to their business. They set a high goal for business growth as they got great results in their business.

About “Cassia Networks”

Cassia Networks is the best supplier of business Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. For Bluetooth IoT networks, our unique technology offers edge processing, location-based services, and the most reliable and simple-to-operate. Furthermore, it provides long-range and multiple-device connectivity.

Their goal is to make IoT simple by resolving the connection, location, and administration issues that today’s businesses are facing.

IoT pioneer Cassia Networks is dedicated to creating ground-breaking technologies that allow “simply working” IoT settings. Felix Zhao, a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in wireless technology, serves as the company’s CEO.

The team at Cassia Networks, which has offices in Silicon Valley and Beijing, is made up of smart people with a range of expertise working for leading Internet and communications firms such as Google, Cisco, Tencent, Aruba, Roku, and Facebook.

Requirements Raised By “Cassia Networks”

The requirements are listed here:

Problem Overview

Cassia Networks raised a few requirements that they thought were unable to be fulfilled with manual efforts. They wanted to win the race in the competitive market. But for this, they were not able to get enough time to analyze the market and come to the front.

When we got connected, we offered them the best solution, which was our connector eShopSync for Shopify. The connector helped them to synchronize Shopify with Salesforce which allowed them to sync the data automatically on a real-time basis.

Program/Activity Description

To fix things and to perform marketing strategies on time Cassia Networks integrates Shopify with Salesforce. This integration is done using the connector which helps in synchronizing all the eCommerce data in the Salesforce Org. 

Webkul Software provides solutions so that you can easily do the synchronization process automatically. With this solution, you can save time and money. 

However, you can trust us for these solutions as we are a registered ISV partner of Salesforce, AppExchange (Crest) Gold partner, and Consulting Ridge (Silver) Partner. We have a team of certified Salesforce consultants to assist you whenever required.

Synchronize- Shopify-with-Salesforce-connector

Program/Activity Outcomes

As a result, we have fulfilled all the requirements of Cassia Networks that they raised before. We provided them with a solution that made them work easily and save the cost of manual effort so that they can use it in growing their business.

The solution was “eShopSync for Shopify”, which syncs your Shopify data to Salesforce. This also helped to fulfill all the requirements like getting the right insights, running campaigns, increase in sales, and more.
The list of results as outcomes after using the connector is mentioned below:


With the help of our connector “eShopSync for Shopify”, they can easily sync data from Shopify to Salesforce. This results in business to the next level. Still, if you have any doubts or queries, you can contact us for Salesforce Consulting Services or Hire a Salesforce Consultant to complete your Salesforce project. For any assistance, you can also email us at [email protected].

Additional Information

Client: “Cassia Networks”

Industry: Computer Networking Products

Websites: Cassia Networks

Get the Shopify Salesforce connector from the following:

Further for any doubts or queries, do live chat or send an email to Salesforce certified team who is available to assist you whenever required. You can easily start using the connector with the help of our provided user guide to synchronize Shopify with Salesforce so you won’t get stuck in between. 

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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