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Case Study Satvik Organic

Satvik Organic – Launching Mobile App for Leading Farm-To-Market Retail Store

Platform OpenCart
Industry Food
Country India

Satvik Organic is a leading organic food retail store offering a wide range of natural alternatives in groceries, raw foods, personal care, home care, healthcare, and nutritional supplements from major brands in the organic space.

H H Sri Sri Ravishankar is the founder of Satvik Organic, based in Banglore, India. Satvik Organic have the vision to bring a natural and chemical-free way of life to every doorstep.


Satvik Organic offers products that are produced on natural methods. It comes up with an organic revolution.

Additionally, it helps the organic product industry to promote its products and create awareness about it. Organic food markets in India need to develop to consume more and realize the benefits of growing organic food.

Organic farming is the future of Earth. If we want the earth to sustain itself, we have to go organic. There is no other way.

H H Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of Satvik Organic

Therefore, it has embarked on an organic revolution to raise awareness and promote products grown or produced using natural methods.

Organic Food Market in India

The organic food retail sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the world. Many countries are increasing their interest to grow with the organic production and sell in the market.

India is the top third country with the largest wild harvest area of 4.2 million for organic products. It also houses the highest number of organic producers globally with 835,000 organic farmers.

Moreover, India ranks at 9th position in terms of area under organic cultivation with 3.566 million ha and has produced 2.645 million (source).

Indian organic industry is already rich in organic product creation. As well, the demand for Indian organic food products is ever-increasing globally.

Therefore, there are many retailers but awareness is not so good among both farmers and consumers. So Satvik Organic is creating awareness among all and providing the platform to other retailers also.

Why did Satvik organic transform from a physical store to an online store?

Satvik organic started its journey in 2011 from the traditional market where people use to buy organic products physically.

With changing business environment. They started the online selling business with the Opencart platform.

OpenCart is a platform that is simple to use and has a short learning curve. It is free to download and provides all the features that are essential to running an online business.


Entrepreneurs or web store owners can create attractive storefronts using a variety of themes and plugins. As well, Non-tech users can manage dashboards for small and medium-scale enterprises

Webkul is an official partner of OpenCart and large developers’ teams. As well, a well-known solution provider in the OpenCart community with more than “11 years of experience” in building products in OpenCart.

Launching Organic Food Mobile App

Currently, Mobile applications are very common to any business and customer also. After changes in India, people start accessing mobile phones like never did earlier.

People want to save time to utilize it in other tasks. Mobile apps have advanced features that provide better quality and flexibility of service you offer your customers.

Additionally, They have better User Interfaces and Experiences. As they provide an interface for better navigation, attract the users, and make good customer engagement.

Faster Processing of mobile apps provides high efficiency and productivity of the product to the customer.

Therefore, businesses need mobile applications as people are using mobile smartphones with Technology, innovation, and communication concept.

Why Need Organic Food Product Mobile App

Shankar, director of Satvik Organic hired Webkul to build and launch the mobile application. Therefore, he wants to develop a mobile application in Opencart development services.

As mobile phones are portable and people are using them very constantly. There is a need in the market for increasing mobile-commerce sales. As well, it creates awareness among mobile users about different topics and products.

Therefore, Shankar wants to build a mobile app for creating awareness of organic products. As well, he provides an online store for retail shoppers for selling their products.

How Did Webkul Assist Satvik Organic?

Webkul provides assistance for the mobile application development for Satvik Organic retailer. So that, they can promote to their customer easily. As well, they can provide an online store to other food retail stores for selling their food products.

As almost everybody carries a smartphone, therefore using the Opencart Mobile App the customers can receive notifications about the offers and deals, instantly on their phones.


Webkul provides mobile app development services to the Sativik organic with several features including an attractive homepage. As well, we provided the feature of an easily accessible product. Customers can purchase the product from the mobile app.

Additionally, customers can receive notifications related to offers and deals. Applying offers over on mobile app, attract customer and also increase the sale.

Hence, Shankar wants to attract an audience on a large scale. As Satvik organic is going well on the online store and they need a mobile app to always be available for their customer.

Farm-To-Table Organic Food

People who buy organic foods in India are generally health-conscious consumers who choose organic foods over conventional meals despite the fact that they are more expensive.

Additionally, they are willing to spend a little more for the assurance that chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and medicines will not harm them or their families.


Hence, Satvik Organic provides organic food to customers from different sources i.e offline stores, online stores, and mobile applications also.

Satvik organic started its journey in 2011 from the traditional market where people use to buy organic products physically. With changing business environment.
Director, Satvik Organic
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