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Case Study Ranza

Ranza – Expanding Digital Commerce Business to East-African Nation

Platform OpenCart
Industry Retail
Country Comoros

Ranza is a Comoros-based online store, that offers a wide range of wholesale and retail products. There are multiple product categories, customers can choose the product from them.

The customer can register their selves as a vendor and start their online business. The Ranza provides the service in 3 languages English, French, and Arabic.


Customers can find the product vendor-wise as well. Customers can create a customer account and place an order. Ranza also offers blogs on the current situations and occasions in Comoros.


Ecommerce Sector in Comoros

The E-commerce industry is rising in Comoros with a good amount of growth rate by the year 2022. Many well-known brands are collaborating with different businesses in Comoros.

The eCommerce sector is the fastest-growing sector nowadays. Comoros is an East African country that expands its businesses with the help of an eCommerce platform.

New markets are forming, and existing markets have the potential to grow even more. Over the next few years, global growth will continue. 

How does COVID-19 affect eCommerce in Comoros?

COVID-19 affects all the businesses and many businesses turn close. As of March 2020, the world went into lockdown with terms and conditions.

After that, businesses need to follow terms and conditions for reopening the business such as applying masks on faces, social distancing and social distancing, and availability of customers at one time.


People switch their interest in shopping from traditional to shopping online. They started adopting e-commerce stores as well as other retail shops that start themself on the online platform.

Moreover, in 2022, the online revenue growth of the market increased to 44%. As well as in the year 2021, growth expands to 39%.

The online store is easy to control and manage from anywhere. People start to adopt online stores fully after the quarantined world along with the retail business stores. (source)

Mohamed Salim Ali wants to allow small business to sell their product. He provides a platform for them to sell online.

I’m the co-owner of, a multi-seller platform marketplace which allows small businesses and service providers to sell their products and services.
We needed web and mobile app development.

Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah,Co-founder of Ranza

Are mobile apps really essential for e-commerce businesses?

Nowadays, people use smartphones very conveniently in any place for shopping. As well, eCommerce Android and iOS apps are the main tools through which store are targeting their audience and converting into their customer.

Furthermore, eCommerce store has become mCommerce business in the competitive market. A mobile app is more convenient for any customer to do shopping.

So, it becomes very important for any store online to allow their customer for buying products from any corner.


Moreover, it is very beneficial for all businesses to adopt the online market. People started with mobile applications for buying products as per their requirements.

During COVID-19, the online market is the only market that starts increasing day by day. People have to stay at their places busy with daily activities and the online store gets very popular

Why did Ranza connect with Webkul?

Hence, Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah wants to connect with their audience at the time of COVID-19. He found the opportunity and wants to grab the possibilities to expand the business.

Mobikul developed and designed a web app based on an open-source development model. They specifically used PHP to complete the web app. They also created the Android and iOS versions of our app using Java and Swift. The app would allow sellers to scan and price their products. They’d be able to list the services they offer, too. Meanwhile, buyers would be able to purchase products and services. Features such as multi-language support, speech-to-text, direct pay, and more were integrated into the app.

On top of that, they created a single dashboard where we could manage the web app and mobile apps. Their team is now helping us extend our app gallery. They’re also providing ongoing maintenance and support as well as app enhancements as needed.

Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah, Co-founder of

Why did Ranza choose webkul for its web and mobile applications development?

Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah from Ranza contacted webkul for the development of Ranza. The client was looking for a digital e-commerce solutions provider for the development of their web and mobile applications as it is built on OpenCart.

The online platform is also built on OpenCart which is suitable for small and medium scale. It is written on PHP and jQuery with Bootstrap as a CSS framework.

OpenCart provides an eCommerce platform where it is simple to use and has a short learning curve. It is easy to understand and very adaptable platform

OpenCart is a complete shopping cart platform and is widely popular and used by thousands of websites worldwide.

Mobikul was recommended by a different company. We chose them because they had experience working on multiple platforms, and they offered end-to-end services.

Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah,Co-founder of Ranza

How Webkul M-Commerce Services assist to Ranza?

Ranza is an online store that has a large selection of wholesale and retail products and services for their client.

Webkul assists them with features of web and mobile applications for customer satisfaction. As well, we also created Andriod and iOS versions for Ranza applications that help to attract their audience.

There are more than seven people working with us, including Android developers, iOS developers, front- and backend developers, test engineers, and sales representatives.

Our ongoing partnership began in December 2019.

Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah,Co-founder of Ranza

Ranza has both android and iOS applications for their online store. As well, they have easy-to-use capabilities.

Custom features of Ranza

When customers will open the Ranza App the homepage will appear. Customers can register accordingly after filling all properties on the registration page.

After that, a pop-up message will appear with the confirmation of the registration.


Customers can visit as guest users also. After scrolling the whole application, they can register themself as Ranza’s valuable customers.

Customers have access to edit their account information. As well they can register as a seller after Feaselecting the option of “become a seller?”.


Webkul has created an app icon and banner that help customers analyze the stock of the product in-store.

Furthermore, as Ranza is a multivendor marketplace so there are many vendors listed on the store. The customer can check the list and find specific products from a specific vendor.


The customer has the choice to choose their required product from all categories of the store. As well, they can choose to become a seller for selling their products.


Ranza is an e-commerce platform, online shopping, and B2B marketplace website in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services.

Moreover, this simple concept could be the reason that made Ranza’s online marketplace a popular option among small business owners in Comoros.


2000+ Mobile App Downloads without Advertisement

Webkul worked with Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah as a client. We are still continuing to provide maintenance and support.

Download Ranza Mobile Apps from Google Play and App Store.

Organized and responsive, Mobikul successfully created the client’s web and mobile app solutions. With their support, the app has over 2,000 downloads with little to no advertisement. Their development and digital business expertise have enabled them to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah,Co-founder of Ranza
They’re experienced in multiple platforms and technologies including open source development.
Mohamed Salim Ali Abdallah
Co-Founder, Ranza
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