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Case Study Ferrum Decor

Ferrum Decor: Ukrainian Furniture Store Adds Augmented Reality and Mobile Login

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Other
Country Ukraine

Ferrum Decor, a reputable online furniture store based in Chernihiv, Ukraine, has been catering to customer’s furnishing needs since 2005.

They Specialize in a wide array of furniture items, from shelves, tables, and hangers to garden and home decor.

Furniture Store

With a commitment to providing innovative solutions and designs, they continue to be a preferred choice for customers seeking elegant furniture pieces.

They are known in the industry for their quality products and exceptional customer service.

Magento Development Services helped them innovate their platform’s user experience with Augmented Reality Technology.

Furniture Market in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Furniture market is witnessing a surge in demand for locally made wooden furniture, reflecting a preference for traditional and sustainable products.

According to Statista, The Furniture market in Ukraine is projected to reach a revenue of US$581.20m by 2024 with an annual growth rate of 10.52%.

Furniture Store

Exports of Ukrainian furniture products from 2016 to 2020 increased approximately twice to 750 million US dollars, of which 93% were exported.

European countries like Poland, Germany, and Italy are the major importers of Ukrainian furniture products.

Ukraine consumers have diverse preferences when it comes to furniture while the classical styles remain popular the modern styles are now more in demand.

What Problems did Ferrum Decor face?

Ferrum Decor faced a significant challenge in bridging the gap between physical shopping experiences and online e-commerce shopping.

The customers were unable to choose items as they could not visualize the products in a real-world environment.

This led to difficulties in accurately representing products to customers, resulting in reduced sales and decreased customer satisfaction.

Additionally, they wanted a mobile login process by which a customer can simply log in using their phone number on their platform.

They needed to introduce a method by which their customer could have an immersive shopping experience and for that, they opted to use WebAR Technology.

Their team connected with Webkul via the UVdesk system, and they understood their issues and their requirements.

In this case study we will know how Ferrum Decor enhanced its platform with Webkul solutions.


Magento 2 Augmented Reality (WebAR) Extension

The Magento 2 Augmented Reality (WebAR) extension transformed Ferrum Decor’s online furniture store shopping experience.

It allowed the admin to easily enable/disable AR functionality, add product images, and include 3D models for various products.

The following image shows the front view of a 3D product model on Ferrum Decor’s Platform.


The following image shows the side view of the same 3D product model.


The extension can support 3D models in both .glb and .usdz formats in stunning detail.

Customers could browse and shop based on 3D views, zoom in/out, and view product galleries alongside 3D models, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

The extension also enables the customer to see the product in real space with the help of a mobile phone camera.

The functionality of zooming in and out with the mouse wheel enabled customers to explore product design and craftsmanship from every angle.

Mobile Number Login for Magento 2

The Mobile Number Login for Magento 2 Module simplifies the login process for customers as they can simply log in with their mobile number.

Before customers were restricted to logging in only through emails but this extension also provides an alternative to log in with the help of a phone number.

The following image shows the login page for the platform.

Furniture Store

Both the Admin and the Customer can view and update the customer’s phone number details.

By integrating this solution, Ferrum now provides a seamless login experience, allowing customers to use their 10-digit mobile numbers.

End Note

Webkul’s Augmented Reality (WebAR) extension and Mobile Number Login extensions have transformed Ferrum Decor’s customers’ online shopping experience.

Ferrum Decor along with Webkul Augmented reality technology revolutionized product visualization for better User Experience on the platform.

Customers could browse based on 3D views, zoom in/out, and view product galleries alongside 3D models, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Meanwhile, streamlined mobile login processes made it easy for users to log in just with their phone numbers.

Ferrum Decor’s commitment to innovation and customer experience sets a new standard for the online furniture store industry.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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