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    Case Study ProfiPack

    ProfiPack- Learn How Netherlands Packaging Company Manage their eCommerce Products Information

    Platform Akeneo
    Industry Other
    Country Netherlands

    Profipack is a webshop for packing materials in the Netherlands and Belgium. It deals in multiple packaging materials such as protection, construction, sustainability, gift, and many more.

    They offer an extensive range combined with good services. They do this online with extensive product descriptions and telephone advice.

    E-Commerce Packaging Market in Europe

    According to Data bridge, the e-commerce packaging market is expected to experience significant growth in the next few years.

    Data Bridge Market Research estimates that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% between 2021 and 2028.

    Reaching a total value of USD 21,667.92 million by 2028. This rapid growth is being driven by the increasing popularity of online shopping and the need for effective packaging to protect products during delivery.

    E-commerce packaging is an essential part of branding because it’s the first time a consumer interacts with a company’s product.

    It’s a rare chance for businesses to make a good impression and strengthen or ruin their brand image.

    How Did Webkul Help to Profipack

    Mr Stan Peters was looking for a product information management system that would help him to better organize and manage the packaging material information for his online store.

    Profipack runs its eCommerce on the Shopware platform. It is open source and used by many small and medium businesses worldwide. It offers B2B and B2C solutions, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

    Product Information Management With Akeneo

    Mr Stan Peters contacted Webkul because he needed a solution for managing product information. He had some specific requirements and he is using Akeneo to manage product information for his company.

    Akeneo is the leading open-source Product Information Management (PIM) solution that is both great and adjustable to fit your needs.

    Akeneo allows you to take control of your product data and helps you easily manage, enrich, export, and import your product information across multiple eCommerce channels. Webkul is Akeneo community partner.

    Export Video URLs Fields From Akeneo to Shopware

    Mr Stan Peters looking for a feature where he can add video URLs and then export them into Shopware. So that along with the product image customers can see the product video.

    Webkul Akeneo Shopware Customization

    Webkul team customizes this feature, and now the client can export video URLs along with product images and descriptions.

    Convert JPG images into WebP Format

    The client wanted to convert images from JPG format to WebP format. Because WebP format images make the website faster and compared to PNGs, WebP images are 26% lower in size.

    This way, whenever somebody tapped on the download for the image of ProfiPack product image, they could download it in webP format.

    Webkul Akeneo Shopware Customization

    The Webkul team has implemented the feature as per the client’s requirement. Now if anybody wants to download the ProfiPack product image, they can get WebP format images.

    Export Tier Pricing Fields from Akeneo to Shopware

    Mr Stan Peters wanted to create a custom field for tier pricing so that he can offer more discounts to customers who purchase in bulk.

    Webkul Akeneo Shopware Customization

    After receiving this custom field from the Webkul team, Now the client can now add price rules according to their convenience from the Akeneo end and export them into Shopware.

    Summarize at End

    At ProfiPack, They always want to provide the best and most convenient way of shopping for their customers. The team at Webkul understands their requirements and implemented Shopware Akeneo Integration including custom development services for Akeneo and Shopware platforms.

    This has helped to achieve their goals in terms of product information management and improve business process and become more efficient.

    Webkul has been fast and helpful with implementing customizations in both Akeneo 5 as Shopware 6. We've done several projects with them over the last few months and they've fixed every issue we've had within short time. We're definitely satisfied with the quality of service.
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