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    Case Study Print Equipment

    Print Equipment – Enriching Product Information for Europe’s Largest Printing Professionals

    Platform Akeneo
    Industry Industrial
    Country Germany

    Print Equipment is the largest supplier of printer equipment and print services. It deals in a sublimation printer, toner transfer, cutting plotter, DGT printing system, UV direct printing, and much printer-related equipment.

    It also provides different types of printing services such as customizable t-shirts, mugs, bathing slippers, and much more.


    This company was started by Mr. Mario Panter in Ottersweier, Germany in 1997. Now this company operates globally in the field of transfer printing.

    Mario started their business with sublimation using inkjet printers. At that time this technology was new and demanded in the market.

    These days Print Equipment has four showrooms in different cities in Germany. In their showroom, they offer complete all-around advice on innovative gift articles and their processing.

    In their showroom, they focus on knowledge transfer a one-day training course for professional processing of products in the selected transfer printing technology.

    Print Equipment Market in Germany

    As we know the economy of Germany increases day by day also the need to buy printers and their equipment has increased.

    The print industry is such an industry that a lot of things are dependent upon it such as books, magazines, advertisements paper, postcards, and much more.

    If we see in this industry there are lots of competitors in Germany such as – Altmann, ITW MORLOCK GMBH, and Tampoprint.

    According to Smithers, The print equipment market is forecast to reach a value of $15.75 billion by 2026, despite the market falling in 2020 by almost 24% against the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In 2021, the market is expected to reach $15.86 billion, a growth of nearly 20% from 2020. COVID-19 has had a major effect on the print machinery market, with an accelerating effect on trends that were already being established.


    The crisis has bought about enduring socio-economic changes to consumer behaviors that will directly affect buying patterns.

    The focus of this report is on the print equipment used for commercial, packaging, and production printing by print service providers (PSPs) and by packaging converters.

    The Journey from Small Start to Big Business

    Mario Panter started initially in 1997 by importing American transfer presses as a sideline. What initially began with the sale of individual transfer presses grew steadily over time. 

    After Mario had moved out of his small hobby room in the attic, he continued to promote sales under the name of Print Equipment from a small hall.

    After some time he decided to go with online business because with the help of online he could expand his business rapidly.

    Then he launched their eCommerce store on the Shopware platform and started selling online worldwide.


    Shopware is a future-oriented open commerce platform it offers highly customizable and outstanding customer experiences innovates fast, and accelerates your development in the ever-evolving space of digital commerce. 

    Now they are a globally operating company in the field of transfer printing. They focus on long-term and personal relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

    How did Webkul help Print Equipment?

    Mr. Philipp Knopfler IT application manager at Print Equipment contacted Webkul. He had a wide range of products and their data, he wanted to manage it the right way.

    He was looking for a feature where he can manage a wide range of products and export all the products into their Shopware store. And as well as he had customization related to their product management.

    The client conveys all their requirement to the Webkul team. After gathering requirements team analyzed point to point and start the customization.

    Export Zip File From Akeneo to Shopware

    The client was looking for an export zip file from Akeneo to Shopware. Generally, Akeneo does not provide this feature.


    Webkul added this functionality. It allows the admin to export files added via a zip file in Akeneo’s file attribute to Shopware. If you choose to export your files, the process looks like this: The admin adds a file type and then uploads their zip folder as a single attachment.

    The admin can then see all contents of the archive immediately on their product page, as well as download any attachments individually at any given time.


    After exporting the zip file it will be shown below on the product page. In this zip file, all the details are available related to the product.

    Export the Metric type of Attribute.

    The client wanted to export their products with the metric value and with that, he wanted to export with shortcuts of metric value such as Centimeter -> cm, Meter -> M, Kilogram –> kg.

    He was not able to export with metric value because Akeneo does not provide this feature.


    As per the customer’s requirements, Webkul has added a feature so now users can export products by using the value of the metric.


    After implementing this feature, customers using the print equipment can see the metric value of a product’s page.

    Export the Images With Product Variants

    When the client was exporting images with product variants, he was not able to export the images with product variants. Whenever he exported the images with product variants he was not able to export individual variants.


    As per the client’s requirement, Webkul customized the following company feature. Now the client is able to export images with proper product variants.

    Preview Image in Akeneo and Export it to the Shopware

    The client wanted to set the preview image in Akeneo and export it to the Shopware with the products.

    To meet this requirement Webkul team customizes this feature and now clients can easily export their preview image from Akeneo to Shopware with the products.

    Export Filtrable Attribute value

    The client was looking for a feature where he can manage filtrable(active or inactive) in the Shopware properties. The client had already a feature in Shopware where he can manage an Active or Inactive product list filter available.

    However, the client wanted this feature in the Akeneo end because while he will exporting the properties he could easily export active or inactive properties from the Akeneo end.

    And when he will be exporting the properties then he would not need to select from the Shopware end. With this feature, the client wanted to save time.

    As per the client’s requirement, the Webkul team implemented this feature. Now the client does not need to change property status from the Shopware end. He can export all their attributes(properties) with the filtrable value from the Akeneo end.


    Webkul is a leading IT solutions provider, having a firm belief in providing the best to its customers. The Webkul team has successfully completed the client’s requirement in the most effective way. Our team is highly skilled and qualified in providing the best solutions to our clients.

    Besides that, Now they can easily manage their products. Our team helped the client to export bulk products from Akeneo to Shopware.

    And now they are running their online business very smoothly and the Webkul team is always available for Print Equipment.

    I bought the Akeneo Shopware connector and it works fine. The response time for my support enquiries is short and with high quality. Also the customization for the shopware connector worked in the first try. So I can recommend Webkul in any way. Great work.
    Philipp Knöpfler
    IT Application Manager
    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]
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