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    Case Study Momentum

    Momentum Did Shopify Salesforce Data Integration On A Real-time Basis In Dubai

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Other
    Country United Arab Emirates

    A Success Story of Momentum!

    They were running their eCommerce store on Shopify and anticipating to expand their business. They did Shopify Salesforce Data Integration with the help of Webkul’s Salesforce Consultant team.  

    Let’s see what resulted in success.

    About Momentum

    Momentum was founded in 2011 and they started off by specializing in old Rolex watches and building a sizable collection of classic and sought-after models. 

    Momentum’s reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on Rolex Day-Date specimens was cemented as our knowledge grew over time to concentrate on the rarest and most recognizable examples of the watch.

    Even while Day Dates are still a significant part of our collection, we’ve expanded to include a large selection of classic Rolex watches. 


    With its headquarters located in the esteemed Dubai International Financial Centre, Momentum is a global company that provides a wide range of accessories, collectibles, and services all related to antique timepieces.

    Establishing open communication, fostering trust, and providing excellent service quality without sacrificing any standards are the cornerstones of our steadfast dedication.

    Requirements Of Momentum

    Here is the list of some requirements raised by Momentum for the Shopify Salesforce Data Integration

    1. With accurate and useful insights, they want to boost sales.
    2. All object data, including the categories, customers, orders, and products, should be synchronized.
    3. Connect expertly to achieve real-time data syncing.
    4. Desire to raise the proportion of leads that become opportunities.
    5. Cut down on the likelihood of duplicate records.
    6. User-friendly and interactive design.

    Problem Overview

    Momentum was looking forward to expanding its business on the Shopify store. So they want to switch from manual process to automatic as well as on a real-time basis. This helps them to focus more on their business and save costs and time.

    A solution that provides the synchronization of their data from the Shopify store to their Salesforce Org. This also reduces the manual effort cost of Shopify to Salesforce Data Integration. 

    Program/Activity Description

    Momentum sent their requirements for the intended solution to the Webkul team of qualified Salesforce experts. Our specialists first discussed the demands of the developers with them, and then they provided Momentum with a solution that would optimize their return on investment.

    eShopSync for Shopify” is a connection that may satisfy their requirements by connecting Shopify and Salesforce. Among these are the need for automatic data synchronization, precise field mapping for data syncing, real-time data synchronization, and no data duplication.

    They have selected Webkul, one of the leading firms in the USA, to integrate their eCommerce shop with Salesforce CRM.  Webkul is an AppExchange partner as well as a recognized Salesforce partner. They have a group of qualified Salesforce Developers and seasoned Salesforce consultants.

    Program/Activity Outcomes

    In order to optimize its business procedures, Momentum made the decision to automate the Shopify Salesforce Data Integration. They made the decision to connect Salesforce and Shopify, which had a number of benefits for the company, including real-time data synchronization. 

    To install and set up the connector refer to the user guide of the Shopify Salesforce connector which has a detailed process that helps you to complete the process efficiently.


    Access to intelligent information and more efficient lead creation contribute to overall performance & a wider network of companies as well. The automation and real-time synchronization of data save them a lot of manual cost and time. 

    This strategy was a success for them. They are grateful to our Salesforce Certified Developer team who made this solution and also did their customization as well.


    Consequently, Momentum’s success story showed that challenges and obstacles can be readily surmounted. The greatest choice they made was to use the “eShopSync for Shopify” connection to synchronize Salesforce Shopify data from the Shopify shop to Salesforce Org. 

    They were able to avoid wasting time or money on the manual process. Get in touch with our Salesforce Consulting Team if you share these needs. Additionally, changes can be requested based on your needs.

    Additional Information

    Make sure to include the following:

    1. Client: Momentum
    2. Industry: Luxury Goods & Jewelry
    3. Websites: Momentum

    Get the connector for your business now which helps you to integrate the data from Shopify to Salesforce:

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