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Case Study LuggyBox

LuggyBox: Convenient Luggage Storage Solution In Italy

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Travel
Country Italy

LuggyBox is a modern luggage storage service in Italy that makes traveling and daily life easier.

It prevents you from carrying around heavy bags and worrying about the safety of your luggage.

LuggyBox has changed the luggage storage market, offering you a simple, accessible, and cost-effective solution.

Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce plugin helped them to convert their store into a multi-vendor marketplace to onboard independent depots known as DePoints.


They partnered with independent depots known as DePoints.

These depots, located in neighborhoods, shopping areas, and other common spots, are your go-to solution for storing your luggage.

LuggyBox is easily accessible and very cost-effective as you only pay for the time you use, allowing you to enjoy your day without spending much.

Storage Market in Italy: Solution for Travelers and Locals

Italy has always been a popular destination for travelers around the world and exploring the busy streets becomes quite challenging along with heavy luggage.

That’s where LuggyBox comes in, offering modern solution storage for both tourists and locals.

Statista projects that the revenue generated in the Storage Units market in Italy will reach US$0.8bn in 2023.

Since it arrived in the Italian market, LuggyBox has received a positive response from both tourists and locals.

Webkul’s role in building Luggybox

Antonello Bombagi, the founder of Luggybox was looking for a reliable and quality WooCommerce marketplace.

As his project involves the supply of a service through a network of partner stores.

He came across the WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace developed by Webkul and found himself impressed by its workflow and features.


He came in touch with the Webkul support team which helped him furthermore and purchased our extension and services.

In this case study we will know how Webkul’s development services helped LuggyBox by providing various helpful plugins and customizations.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution

Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce helps to convert your e-commerce store into a fully functional marketplace.

It allows you to have multiple sellers with separate seller profiles which in this case are registered as depoints.

This extension helped LuggyBox to establish depoints as the owners could register easily with the help of marketplace extension.

Admin could easily manage all the depoints at the admin panel.


The admin has control over the product list, seller list, commissions, and settings.

Admin can change settings such as seller auto-approval authorization, approve, reject, or assign sellers to items.

They could also set different commission rates for various sellers, and edit or remove products.

Many industry experts widely recognize it as the leading solution for creating any form of online marketplace.

It is relevant to all sectors, whether it be a food marketplace, fashion, clothing, retail, digital items, or B2B commerce.


WooCommerce Marketplace Booking Reservation

Although the LuggyBox website was in the advanced stage of construction, Antonello was not satisfied.

He noticed that the stores have different opening and closing times, and therefore they wanted the system to take into account the opening/closing times when booking.


After discussing this issue with our team, we offered him our Marketplace Booking Reservation plugin as a solution.

The Marketplace Booking Reservation module creates a dynamic booking and reservation system for the products.

It allows the sellers to add their booking products and update their products. The admin can generate bookings and reservations and can add booking slots as well.


The admin and Sellers both can edit products and create two types of bookings “One booking for many days” and “Many bookings for one day”.


Antonello took help from the WooCommerce Development Services to customize his online marketplace according to his desire and was satisfied with their work.

One of the main customizations implemented was the removal of the depoint’s address, location, and name from the depoint page and cart.

Instead, these details will be revealed to the customer after payment, so the customer cannot contact the depoint owner independently.


Opening and closing times of the depot, as well as break times for each seller, are unique to each location and are subject to change.

To ensure that the customer has the most up-to-date information, we displayed the specific operating hours and break times for each seller on their product pages.

This way, customers can plan their visit accordingly and ensure a seamless experience.


Before making a payment, we customized and showed customers the approximate location of the depot.

This allows you to have a general idea of the depot’s proximity to your desired area.

This approach ensures transparency and helps you make an informed decision before proceeding with your booking.


We customized and provided travelers with access to a user-friendly navigation feature with the precise location of the depoint, once the payment is completed.

This enables customers to easily navigate to their chosen depot location, ensuring a hassle-free process.


End Note

This case study focuses on LugguBox which required customization and extensions to develop its platform partnered with the Webkul Development Team.

Webkul, as a core contributor for WooCommerce, has vast knowledge and experience in customizing online marketplaces.

They provided LugguBox with customized solutions and added various extensions to their WooCommerce platform.

This allowed LugguBox to enhance its user experience, and increase efficiency.

The achievements of Webkul further justify our work as a core contributor to WooCommerce.

Also, being an elite author on CodeCanyon highlights our expertise in creating high-quality extensions and plugins.

Webkul emerged as a winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India award which shows our commitment to innovation and technology.

Overall, the partnership between LugguBox and Webkul resulted in a customized and efficient online WooCommerce marketplace with improved functionalities and better user experience.

"They are patient and understanding in dealing with the customer."
Antonello Bombagi
CEO, LuggyBox
Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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