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Case Study Catholic

How Catholic uses eShopSync for BigCommerce Connector to Increase their Business Leads?

Platform Salesforce
Industry Retail
Country United States

Today, we are sharing a success story of “Catholic” who wants to connect the BigCommerce store to Salesforce CRM by using Webkul’s eShopSync for BigCommerce connector. 

Every day, Catholic Answers strives to produce magisterially accurate material. Our team of apologists has years of apologetics experience, and some of them have doctorates in theology and philosophy.

We have a long list of associates (clergy and laypeople) who have degrees in liturgy, history, bioethics, theology, philosophy, canon law, and other related disciplines. We have close relationships with leaders of the Church in Rome and all around the United States. 

Many people hold false beliefs about the Catholic Church. A media organization called Catholic Answers provides information on what the Church believes. They are the biggest company of this type.

Catholic Answers is a media ministry that promotes the Catholic religion while defending it. We guide non-Catholics into the entirety of the truth while also assisting Catholics in strengthening their faith and bringing back ex-Catholics.

Our mission is to spread, defend, and explain the Catholic faith using as many different media as we can, from face-to-face interactions to the most cutting-edge forms of mass communication.

Catholic has an e-store where they sell books, CDs, DVDs, and videos. They have many categories so that people can choose the one according to their purpose. The different categories they have listed on their store are mentioned here-

School of Apologetics, Mystery Boxes, Pro-Life Resources, Apologists Alley, Bulk Book Specials, Catholic Answers Merchandise, Catholic Books, Young Adults, Catholic Booklets, 20 Answers Booklets, 20 Answers ebooks, ebooks, eMagazines, Digital Video, MP3s, Digital Gift Sets, Magazines, DVDs, and CDs.

How did they Overcome Challenges with the Help of Salesforce BigCommerce Connector?

Catholic was not able to focus on their business and was unable to change opportunity into the lead. Webkul helped them to sync all their BigCommerce store data to Salesforce CRM using BigCommerce Salesforce Connector. It helped them focus on their business growth along with their store.

eShopSync for BigCommerce helped them sync real-time data such as Customer, Category, Product, and Order. They got everything at Salesforce’s end that made it easy to manage. After synchronization they got reports and insights to know in depth about their business.

This helped them in changing the opportunity into a lead. This integration process worked as a game changer for their business that takes them to next level. It also helped them to be updated all the time whenever any record was created at BigCommerce’s end. 

How eShopSync for BigCommerce helped Catholics in synchronizing their data?

The Salesforce BigCommerce connector helped Catholic in integrating Salesforce and BigCommerce platforms. This solution by Webkul resolves the issues faced by Catholic Answers in their business and they also overcome with all the challenges they are facing while changing opportunities into leads.

eShopSync for BigCommerce acts as a bridge between BigCommerce and Salesforce platform. This helped Catholic to sync their BigCommerce data of Products, Orders, Customers, Categories, and Warehouses into the Salesforce CRM account. By synchronizing data everything was in one place at Salesforce’s end which allowed them to make reports. With this, they analyzed their business to know where to work more by using its features and benefits.


The features list of eShopSync for BigCommerce is:-

You can easily get the Salesforce BigCommerce connector from eShopSync, Salesforce Appexchange, and the Webkul store.

What result did Catholic get when connecting BigCommerce to Salesforce?

As a result, the Catholic got great results after using eShopSync for BigCommerce. It helped them sync real-time data from BigCommerce to Salesforce without any duplicate data. They also got many business leads after integrating both platforms.

Are you also looking to grow your BigCommerce store or have any other queries? Then connect with the Salesforce consultant team. You can easily connect with the team members via live chat or send us an email at [email protected]. You can hire a Salesforce Consultant if you have any project of Salesforce.

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