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Case Study Hivetec

Hivetec: Online Computer Retailer from Macedonia Providing Offers and Discounts Via Group Buy

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Electronics
Country Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Hivetec is an online computer retailer based in North Macedonia that offers various products, including computer hardware, accessories, and components.

The company was founded in 2015 and has since become a leading online retailer in the region.


Hivetec aims to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

They offer a vast catalog of products, including laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, and more.

Overall, Hivetec is a reputable and reliable online retailer that offers a wide range of products and services.

They offer exclusive deals and discounts with the help of the group buy feature enabled through WooCommerce Development Services.

Growing Online Computer Retailer Market

The online computer hardware and accessories retail has undergone significant growth in recent years.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Consumer Electronics market in North Macedonia amounts to US$249.5m in 2024.


This market is characterized by the convenience it offers to customers, them to purchase a wide variety of products in the comfort of their own.

The online marketplace provides customers with the ability to compare prices and features of different products, helping in informed purchasing decisions.

Additionally, the online market offers various payment options, making it easy for customers to complete their transactions securely.

Overall, the online computer hardware and accessories retail market is dynamic and offers many benefits to both retailers and sellers.

Hivetec’s Search for Group Buying Solutions

Despite its strong position in the market, Hivetec encountered challenges in offering attractive promotions and discounts to its customer base.

The company aimed to find a solution that would enable group buying opportunities.

They wanted a solution that would promote a sense of community among their customers while increasing sales and customer engagement.

To address these objectives, Hivetec turned to Webkul recognizing its potential to empower its e-commerce platform with innovative solutions.


Group Buy

Group Buy for WooCommerce extension presented Hivetec with a complete solution designed to easily integrate group buying functionality into their existing WooCommerce store.


With this extension, Hivetec could effortlessly create and manage group buy function, enabling customers to avail discounted prices by participating in collective purchases.

The easy management interface offered by the extension helped Hivetec monitor and optimize group buy campaigns.


By offering exclusive discounts through group buys, Hivetec differentiated itself from competitors while prompting repeat business and brand loyalty.


End Note

In summary, Webkul’s Group Buy for WooCommerce extension appeared as a solution for Hivetec, enabling them to grow customer engagement and sales.

With the power of group buying, Hivetec succeeded in promoting an online community of shoppers while giving discounts to the target audience.

This helped them to maintain their position as a leading online retailer, delivering outstanding shopping experiences to their customers.

The achievements of Webkul further justify our work as a core contributor to WooCommerce.

You could also check out other WooCommerce extensions offered by Webkul.

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