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Case Study Crystal Nails

Crystal Nails Ireland: Transforming Physical Store Purchases With POS System

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Cosmetics
Country Ireland

Crystal Nails Ireland is a leading provider of professional nail products, training, and services.

With their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they have emerged as a game-changer in the nail industry.

Crystal Nails Ireland is a team of passionate nail technicians with the aim of providing the highest quality products and education to professionals.


They offer a wide range of nail products, including gels, acrylics, nail art tools, and accessories.

Crystal Nails has a store in Phibsborough, Dublin and operates through an online e-commerce store as well.

Beauty and Personal Care E-commerce Scene In Ireland

The beauty and personal care e-commerce market in Ireland has experienced rapid growth, changing the way consumers approach their beauty routines.

With a variety of online platforms and marketplaces available, Irish shoppers now have quick access to a wide range of beauty and personal care products.


With the convenience and ease of online shopping, consumers can explore a vast selection of skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and grooming products.

This digital transformation has not only increased options for consumers but has also encouraged the rise of new and independent brands.

According to Statista, in 2023, the Beauty & Personal Care market in Ireland is projected to generate a revenue of US$92,233,720,368,547,760.00.

By 2023, online sales are projected to contribute 19.9% of the total revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market.

Webkul’s Role In Improving Crystal Nails Ireland Store

Pavan Mulpuri acquired the Irish distribution rights for the popular brand Crystal Nails product range.

Crystal Nails built their online e-commerce store on WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin specifically designed for WordPress websites.

It easily integrates with your WordPress site, transforming it into a fully functional online store. 

Pavan was facing an issue in managing his physical store operations alongside his online store.

So, while doing research for the best POS plugins available in the market, he came across the POS plugin for WooCommerce developed by Webkul’s WooCommerce Development services.

He was impressed by the features and functionality of the module and connected with the Webkul Support team which further helped him with his queries regarding the same.

In this case study we will come across how Webkul helped Pavan to simplify and enhance his business.

WooCommerce POS Plugin

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin) helped Pavan with the functionality to easily manage their online stores along with the physical stores.


It allowed him to easily handle sales, inventory management, and customer data all in one place.

Even if your internet connection goes down, you can continue processing orders and collecting payments.

WooCommerce POS automatically syncs the data once you’re back online.


It comes with a feature for the admin to allow a centralized inventory. The admin can generate a barcode for both product ID and SKU.

WooCommerce POS keeps your inventory updated in real-time, ensuring accurate stock levels.

You can easily track sales and gain insights into your best-selling products.


Third-Party Module Integration

Pavan further required Webkul to customize his e-commerce store according to his needs.

He wanted Webkul to integrate the third-party Advanced Dynamic Pricing plugin with the Webkul WooCommerce POS plugin.

This integration helped Crystal Nails apply dynamic pricing rules to their products, such as discounts based on quantity, customer groups, or specific conditions.

This allowed Crystal Nails to manage pricing efficiently and offer personalized discounts to their customers, both in-store and online.

You could also check out our WooCommerce Tier-Based Pricing Plugin for the same.


Level 3 Sub-Category

Along with integrating, Webkul also added a feature to the WooCommerce POS system that allows the display of sub-categories for level three.

This means that when accessing the POS system, Crystal Nails’ staff can view the sub-categories below the primary and secondary categories.

This made it easier for them to navigate and look for specific products.


Back-Order Functionality

Webkul made the back-order default functionality compatible with the WooCommerce POS system.

By default, when a product is out of stock, WooCommerce doesn’t create an invoice for that particular product.

However, with this customization, the WooCommerce POS system allows the admin to create invoices, even if certain products are out of stock.


These customizations helped Crystal Nails to improve functionality and a more efficient workflow.

They will be able to use dynamic pricing, easily navigate sub-categories, and create invoices using the back-order default functionality.

With these customizations, Crystal Nails improved their online nails and beauty store to meet their specific needs and offer a great shopping experience to their customers.


In conclusion, Webkul played an important role in supporting Crystal Nails, a nail and beauty store built on WooCommerce, with its plugins and customizations.

Overall, Webkul’s customizations provided Crystal Nails with improved functionality, organized workflows, and a great shopping experience for their customers.

By collaborating with Webkul, Crystal Nails was able to change its WooCommerce store to meet its specific requirements and achieve its business goals.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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