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    Case Study Cinthia Azevedo

    Learn How Cinthia Azevedo Guide Online to Disorders Children Through Webkul’s LMS for Magento 2

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Education
    Country Brazil

    Learn How Cinthia Azevedo Guide Online Disorders Children Through Webkul’s LMS for Magento 2

    Cinthia Azevedo hails from Brazil and holds the position of site director at her namesake organization, Cinthia Azevedo. In addition to her role as a site director, she is also a dedicated speech therapist.

    She has developed numerous courses in which she provides assistance to individuals, particularly children, who struggle with reading and writing disorders.

    Webkul LMS Magento 2 Case Study

    She created numerous educational programs targeting younger children and individuals who are still grappling with the concept of smile symbolism, disyllable words, counting tasks, and various other subjects.

    How Webkul Help to Cinthia Azevedo

    Cinthia Azevedo was looking for a company that could provide end-to-end Magento 2 development services, so she approached Webkul.

    Cinthia Azevedo aimed to develop educational programs that captivated the attention of her young students. Traditional teaching methods often fell short in keeping children with learning disorders actively engaged and motivated to learn.


    Ensuring accessibility for students with varying learning needs and preferences was another challenge. Cinthia wanted her courses to be accessible from different devices and locations, providing flexibility for students to learn at their own pace.

    She had actually need for an LMS system to fulfill this requirement, and as well as It was crucial for Cinthia to track the progress of her students and assess their learning outcomes effectively.

    Implementation of LMS

    Webkul’s Learning Management System for Magento 2 proved to be the ideal solution for Cinthia Azevedo’s organization.

    The LMS offered a range of features and capabilities to address the challenges faced by Cinthia and create an enhanced learning experience for her students.


    Cinthia leveraged the LMS’s capability to create personalized learning paths for each student. This allowed her to tailor the content and pace of the courses based on individual needs and learning styles, maximizing engagement and learning outcomes.


    To further enhance the learning experience, Cinthia Azevedo decided to incorporate a Q&A feature within the Learning Management System for students to ask questions and receive timely responses.

    Ask New Question Tab

    To further enhance the learning experience, Cinthia Azevedo decided to incorporate a Q&A feature. Within the Learning Management System for students to ask questions and receive timely responses.

    Students often have questions or need clarification on specific topics or concepts. The Q&A feature provided a platform for students to ask questions directly within the course.

    Ensuring that their doubts were addressed promptly. This facilitated a better understanding of the course material and improved overall comprehension.


    The Q&A feature allowed Cinthia to provide personalized support to individual students. By monitoring and responding to their questions.

    She could offer targeted guidance, suggestions, and additional resources tailored to each student’s specific needs.

    The incorporation of the Q&A feature within the Learning Management System added an interactive and collaborative dimension to the educational programs. Enhancing students’ learning experiences and fostering a sense of community among the learners.

    Remark At End

    By implementing Learning Management System, Cinthia Azevedo was able to enhance her educational programs for children with learning disorders. The results and impact of her efforts were highly positive.

    The interactive and visually appealing course materials created using the LMS led to increased student engagement and motivation. Students were more enthusiastic about learning, resulting in better retention of knowledge.

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