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BigCommerce SMS Notification

Updated 19 April 2023


SMS Notification is the most effective way of customer service. Once your existing customers have received customer service texts they become more responsive to future promotional texts that add value to your business. SMS gives you a greater ability to keep customers informed in a way that is personal and helps you to engage with them throughout the order process. To update customer through SMS, “Bigcommerce SMS Notification” is developed.

This application allows admin to send SMS Notification to the customer regarding user registration, new order placement, update in order. An admin will also get SMS notification, whenever product stock is low and for an Abandoned cart. This allows an admin to send the “Promotional Text Messages” to the customer. Therefore an admin creates a message of his choice for marketing purpose.

Note: For sending SMS, an application requires “SMS Gateway” through which admin can send SMS to the customers. This application supports most popular “SMS Gateway” like Twilio, MSG91, Bulk SMS, Nexmo, Clickatell. An admin can send SMS through any one of the given “SMS Gateway” by simply entering its API keys in the “carrier configuration” of this application.


    • Functionality to send SMS Notification to the customer for the events like “New Order Placed”, “Update Order”, “New User Registration”.
    • Send SMS Notification to an admin for events “Low Stock” and “Abandoned Cart”.
    • Admin can send marketing SMS to multiple customers at a time.
    • Supports various popular SMS  Gateway.
    • Easy to set up “SMS Gateway” through API keys.
    • Admin can create SMS templates for different events.
    • User guide to understanding the flow of the application is provided.
    • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.

Video Tutorial


After purchasing this application, go to the control panel of your BigCommerce store and click “Apps”. Here you will find “SMS Notification Application”. Install the application and click “Launch”.

app settings

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After click “Launch” of the application, You will see “BigCommerce SMS Notification” under “My App” section of side menu bar. Now configure the settings of the application.

App Settings

General: There are various events available in the General setting. Here you can put ON those events for which you want to send and receive SMS notifications. Under edit template, you can find SMS templates for different events like “order placed”, “update order”, “new user registration” for customers and “low stock” and “abandoned cart” for an admin. An admin can edit templates for various events.


By clicking on the “Edit Template”, a new popup will get open. Admin can edit the SMS templates for various events as per his requirement.


After clicking on “User Guide”, you can find the complete document that helps you to cover the general settings, SMS template, and carrier settings.


Here you need to do some settings to Footer Script of your BigCommerce store. Further, copy the code under “Footer Script” to your “User Guide” and paste it to the “Footer Script” section under “Storefront” of your BigCommerce store backend.


Carrier Configuration:
SMS can be sent through any one of the available “SMS Gateway”. To set up various SMS Gateway to this application, Select the gateway and enter their API Credentials and Save.

1- Twilio:
  • Select Twilio Gateway.
  • Enter Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token.
  • Enter Twilio Mobile number (Get after creating Twilio Account).


Get Twilio API:

Login to the Twilio account. Go to the Dashboard, you will find the API as shown below:

twilio api

Get Twilio Phone number:

For sending SMS, you can get the Twilio phone number. For this Go to the Dashboard and click the Phone number. This brings you to phone number dashboard, then click get started.

twilio phone number

twilio number dashboard

Note: If you are using Twilio account in a sandbox mode, in order to send SMS to phone numbers, you just need to add those numbers to “Verified Caller IDs” in your Twilio account.

2- MSG91 Messaging:
  • Select  MSG91 Messaging Gateway.
  • Enter Msg91 Auth key.
  • Enter Msg91 Sender ID.


Get MSG91 API:

Login to the MSG91 account. Go to the Dashboard, click API,  you will find the API as shown below:

msg91 api

3- Bulk SMS Messaging:
  • Enter Bulksms API Username.
  • Enter Bulksms API Password.


To configure Bulk SMS notification to your application enter your Bulk SMS account and password. You are able to send notification by simply saving your credentials.

4-Nexmo Messaging:
  • Enter Nexmo API Key.
  • Enter Nexmo API secret.
  • Nexmo sender id.


Get Nexmo API:

Log in to the Nexmo account. Go to the Dashboard, you will find the API as shown below:

nexmo dashboard

5- Clickatell Messaging:
  • Enter Clickatell API key.
  • Enter Clickatell Sender id.


Get Clickatell API:

Log in to the Clickatell account. Go to the Dashboard, click SMS, follow the given steps and create test integration, you will find the API as shown below:

clickatell api

Marketing: For promotion purpose, an admin can write the SMS in the text box that he likes to send to the customers.


SMS Notification Logs: In this section, admin can find the logs for various events for which SMS sent to the customers. Every time when SMS sent to customer it automatically created under SMS notification logs. Here you will find the event for which SMS sent, carrier by which SMS sent and date of the SMS. It will not create logs for marketing purpose messages.


My Company->

Company Profile: Here you can find the details about the company.

company profile

Company settings: In this section, you can synchronize the settings from BigCommerce store.

company settings


That’s all for BigCommerce SMS Notification, Still, have an issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the application better

Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - BigCommerce

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