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    BigCommerce Ask A Question

    BigCommerce Ask A Question:

    Sometimes while purchasing products online, a customer has some query about the product. In that case, if that query is not cleared then there is a chance of losing prospective customers. To make customers able to ask a question about the product directly to an admin, “BigCommerce Ask A Question” is developed.

    This application allows a customer to ask a question about the product and an admin would reply to the customer. Therefore it makes the shopping experience more reliable and trustworthy. When an admin replied to the customer’s query, it helps to build loyalty and trust towards the business. It helps an admin to easily communicate with the customer. It provides a mailbox where an admin can view all the questions asked by customers. An admin can view the questions under the status “New”, “Open”, “Answered”, “Trash”. Admin can easily search any mail through keyword. Admin can also modify the fields of “Question Form” of customers.

    Features of BigCommerce Ask A Question:

    • Customers can easily communicate with an admin and vice-versa.
    • Admin can view the status of Question as “New”, “Open”, “Answered”.
    • Admin can create custom fields for “Question Form”.
    • Email Notification will be sent to an admin when a customer asks a Question.
    • Email Notification will be sent to customers when an admin replies.
    • An admin can view top 8 latest Questions in Dashboard.
    • Easy to search a “Question” in “Mailbox” through keywords.
    • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.

    Video Tutorial:

    Installation and configuration:

    After purchasing this application, go to the control panel of your BigCommerce store and click Apps.Here you will find “BigCommerce Ask A Question” Application. Install the application and click “Launch”.

    After click “Launch” of the application, You will see “BigCommerce Ask A Question” under “My App” section of the side menu bar. Now configure the settings of the application.

    1- Settings:

    • Setup: After the installation of this application, you just need to follow the given instruction and set up some codes at the backend of the store to display “Ask A Question” button at the storefront.

    After setting up these codes at the backend of the store, “Ask A Question” button is displayed at the storefront. On clicking this, a customer is able to ask his question to an admin.

    Once clicked “Ask A Question” button, a new pop up window will get opened.

    • Question Forms: This section covers the field that added to “Question Form”. An admin can create the custom fields which he wants to add to the “Question Form”. If an admin requires to get more details about the customer, he can add those fields to the form.
    1. Position: Assign a position of the field in the form.
    2. Input Label: Enter the “Name” of the field.
    3. Element Type: Select field type as “Input”, “Radio”, “Checkbox”, “Multiple Selectbox”, “Textarea”, “Email”.
    4. Required: Set this field to “Yes” or “No”.
    5. Status: Set the status of the field as “Active” or “Disabled”.
    • Email: Configure the settings of email to send answers to the customer’s questions. Enter SMTP credentials and save.

    2- Dashboard:

    Once the application is successfully installed, you can check the “Dashboard”.

    3- Mailbox:

    This is the Mailbox of an admin. Here an admin view all the emails received from customers based upon the status like new emails, answered emails, open emails, trash emails. Admin can search any mail of the customer through keyword.

    My Company:

    Company Profile: Here you can find the details about the company.

    Company settings: In this section, you can synchronize the settings from BigCommerce store.


    That’s all for BigCommerce Ask A Question application Still, have an issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the application better

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - BigCommerce

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