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PWA Vs Hybrid App- Choose The Best App

Updated 1 November 2022


PWA Vs Hybrid App- With the advancement in technology, the major point of conflict is the PWA Vs Hybrid App. After the selection of the right platform, the app owner needs to know about the type of App.

In today’s advancing world both the technology prove to give the best result. However, there is a variable difference between both methodologies.

So, let’s review the best solution among both applications.

Hybrid App

As per their name, these apps are a combination of the web app in the native browser, like the UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android (not Safari or Chrome).

Here, the responsiveness of the Hybrid app will depend on the website. All the UI components, their positioning, color, and orientation(that is, look and feel) will depend entirely on the responsive layout.

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This will be for a particular dimension set by the web developer.

The Major Mobikul Hybrid apps on various platforms are-

Magento 2 Hybrid App


The app uses your existing website theme of Magento 2 and converts it in an app. Hence, this app will have all Magento storefront features and functionalities. Thus, the feature of the app-

  • Publishes on Play and App Store.
  • Supports all the Payment Methods available on the website.
  • Supports all the Shipping Method and display real-time API freight rates.
  • Gives support to RTL layout in case of languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and others such languages.
  • Matches the website theme and layout.
  • OpenSource code for easy customization as per requirement.

Opencart Hybrid App


We even have an app for the Opencart Platform-based website user. This app will replicate the storefront functionality and feature of an Opencart website to a native app.

Thus, with this web app, the customer can take advantage of device-based features via a native component.

So, let’s check a few specified features of the app-

  • The app can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.
  • Provide a consistent layout between the website and mobile app.
  • The app is customizable from the code end and configurable from the website backend.

Hybrid App For WooCommerce-


This mobile app will convert the Woo-commerce website into an app. This app will have all the functionality and features as that of a website front.

Thus, this app can allow the app user to enjoy the advantage of a web app under a native container. Few features of the app to increase the number of users-

  • The app is easier to operate than a website due to its accessibility.
  • The app is completely synchronized in real-time with that of the website.
  • This app can be customized as per requirement.
  • The app can be quickly developed as no API is used.
  • The languages used here are Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS with Javascript at the Server End.
  • Push Notification is supported in the app.

PWA-Progressive Web App

These apps are not real app but an extension (shortcuts) to a website/webpage. They are added to the Homescreen of your mobile device with a browser option of ‘Add To Homescreen‘.

Just like a website, PWA is installed on a server and distributed using URL’s.

Although they lack support to few device based features which a native or hybrid app provides. They are like camera-based features and audio recording.

Mobikul deals in with varied number of PWA on various platforms. To name few are-

Magento 2 Progressive Web Application (PWA)


This PWA app for Magento 2 uses the capabilities of the web to provide an app-like experience. This light app works faster than other Magento 2 apps.

Thus, due to the faster performance, it enhances user engagement on the website. This will, in turn, result in higher conversion rates.

So, major features of the app-

  • User-Friendly Solution.
  • Push Notification supported.
  • Works efficiently in Low Internet.
  • Looks like a Native App.

Opencart PWA Mobile App


It provides application users with the facility of quick browsing even when there is low internet connectivity.

Thus, with this app, the website customer will gain the benefit of an app which will look like a Native app.

Hence, some major features of the App-

  • User-Friendly
  • User need not separately update the PWA.
  • No publishing medium is required.
  • Light and fast solution.
  • The admin of the Opencart Website can configure the app in multiple ways by setting –
    • the splash background color of the Progressive Web Application.
    • the page background color of the Progressive Web Application.
    • header and font color of the Progressive Web Application.

Prestashop Advanced Progressive Web App (PWA)


This Advance PWA will create from the Prestashop website that will enhance the performance of the store.

This app enables the user to enjoy an app which highly responsive and fast. So, some major features of the app-

  • Supports Push Notification Service.
  • Slow Internet Speed will not affect its potential.
  • Works in Offline mode.
  • Increases User engagement thereby Increasing the conversion rate.

CS-Cart Progressive Web Application (PWA)


This app is a definite revolution for CS-Cart Website owners.

With this big advanced technology, the store owner can provide its customer.

Hence, provides an add-on advantage wherein the store owner can have an app.

So, the app has following features-

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor.
  • Functionality to set the application name at admin end.
  • Admin can upload and change the application icon.
  • Functionality to set the splash background color of the Progressive Web Application.
  • Option to set the theme color of the Progressive Web Application.
  • Increases user engagement on the store by using push notification.
  • Supports push notifications on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Joomla Progressive Web Application (PWA)


This app is a boon to a website on Joomla platform, which will allow increment in the accessibility of the store. It enhances the user interaction on the store. Hence, few of the features to specify are-

  • Functionality to set the application name at admin end.
  • Admin can upload and change the application icon.
  • Functionality to set the splash background color of the Progressive Web Application.
  • Option to set the theme color of the Progressive Web Application.
  • Admin can set loader to display while navigating in the web app for a more user-friendly application.
  • Works lightning fast if compared to the website.
  • Launches with the low-quality Internet.

Major Difference Between PWA and Hybrid App

  • Distribution- The app user can easily find the Hybrid app on Play and App store. Whereas, the PWA can be added much easily to the device home screen with the ‘Add To Homescreen‘ option.
  • Efficient Customization- The PWA app with JavaScript can be customized easily as compared to Hybrid Apps. Hence, these type of App work on the same code as a website so any modification done on website code will reflect in PWA.
  • Cost Of Production- The creation of a Hybrid app involves the skills set of web app creation along with knowledge of Native app development. However, PWA acquires lower costs due to a single code base and common skill set.
  • Languages used For Development- The Hybrid app requires additional knowledge of languages like Kotline/Java for Android and Swift for iOS. Whereas PWA app creation takes place from a website so such requirements don’t exist.
  • Performance- PWA is no doubt the best solution to the top of it optimizes the operations. Wherein it provides better speed even with low internet. Whereas a Hybrid app doesn’t provide such an advantage.

Hence, with regard to the above points, we can see that PWA is a better solution for an e-commerce app developer.

Note: Apart from these two types of apps Mobikul also deals with Native apps.

Being an e-commerce store owner one can check- Magento 2 Native Apps Vs Hybrid: What to choose

So, that’s all for PWA Vs Hybrid App- Choose The Best App.

If you have any further queries, requirements or suggestions. Kindly share it at

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