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    Furniture Mobile App with AR (Augmented Reality)

    Updated 4 July 2023

    It is often seen that customers in an e-Commerce store are confused between virtual ideas and real-life scenarios.

    This sort of confusion occurs maximum times when people are dealing with the interior of a house. Thus, this Furniture mobile app with AR offers promising solutions to these industries.


    So, it helps the furniture business owner to grasp new opportunities. Now, store owners can sell their products with detailed descriptions.

    With AR, customers can get in-depth knowledge of the products before purchasing. It thus helps in the creation of customer reliability and trust.

    Be it colour, texture, material, location or any other confusion Augmented reality sorts out all such issues. Henceforth, giving the customer a next-generation shopping experience.

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    Additionally, this technology is outraging the owners of the furniture industry to take on new ventures and present more challenging designs.

    Why Use Augmented Reality in the e-Commerce Furniture app?

    Whenever a customer is purchasing any product they end up getting confused by multiple sets of questions. However, AR technology is the best to sort out these issues that customers confront.

    It displays the product in reality to the buyer and allows them to take a firm decision.

    Thus, allowing the products in the app to display in the 3D model. That helps to look at the product from every angle. It empowers the user to visualize the product in reality.

    Additionally, it clears the picture about the positioning of the furniture situated in a room. So as to give a good idea of the home interior.

    Thus, the technology in the application can help the store owner to attract maximum customers. With the help of mobile solutions developed by Webkul, the store owner can achieve the functionality.

    Additionally, it provides mobile solutions for various e-Commerce Open Source Platforms like- Magento 2, Opencart, and more.


    AR Size Measurement

    One of the major utilities of the technology is size measurement. Often if we tend to buy furniture we are not sure about the size in height and length.

    Thus, AR allows the customer to derive an assumption of the idea wherein the furniture needs to fit in. Thus helping the accomplishment better understanding of various motives.


    Visualization Based Decision

    This technology allows the customer to ensure their choice before processing the purchase. Thus, allowing more conversion on the store without any doubt.

    The 3D models will project on a real plot using an application that supports AR. However, this is done by a location-based app that analyzes the current physical environment of the customer where the product is to be placed. Like bedroom, hall, and kitchen.


    Personalization Of Products via Augmented Reality

    AR can thus act as a tool which can personalize the product as per the choice of the customer. Henceforth, giving them an opportunity to buy the product of their choice.

    So it can help customers get the exact product of their choice. Thus, leading to an increase in sales in the store.


    Top Leaders Utilizing Augmented Reality

    Home Depot, IKEA, Wayfair, and many more are the top leader who has taken the support of the technology. Thus, carting to huge benefits in their business profit margin.

    These organizations successfully gave their customers brief details of the products they wish to purchase. Hence giving them an edge among multiple existing competitors.


    Thus, in the words of Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Wayfair, as mentioned in Indigo9 Digital Inc. Steve Conine has said that:

    “We knew early on that augmented reality had the potential to completely transform the way people shop for their homes, and as it quickly moved toward mainstream adoption, we’re excited to have played an integral role in shaping the experience for millions of shoppers.


    Hence, finally to summarize that AR is the future of the furniture industry. It helps them increase sales by giving the customer a clear idea about the collection in the store.

    So, that’s all for the Furniture mobile app with AR (Augmented Reality), still, have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Besides furniture, AR can also be a great way to virtually try on sunglasses and other eyewear products and accessories.

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