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    Basic shop setting in Shopware 5


    Shopware is a leading Germany based e-commerce platform. To date, Shopware has received more than 80 thousand users and it is a wondrous E-commerce solution in the DASH region and surrounding territories.

    In this, you will learn about the basic setting of Shopware 5. You can create multiple shops and can set the default category, locale, currency, etc.

    The shop settings are a central setting in Shopware 5. All basic functionalities come together here, because of that the shop setting is very important.

    Shop Setting

    With this, you can learn “Basic shop setting in Shopware 5”.

    To create new shops or to do any changes in the shop you have to navigate Configuration >> Basic settings >> Shop settings >> Shops.

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    All your configured shops will be listed here and you can configure them on the right side after a click on the desired shop as seen in the below image.


    There you can edit the following details:

    • Main Shop (Language shops only): You can map your created language shop to a current main shop or sub shop.
    • Name: In this, you can enter the shop name
    • Title: This defines the title of your shop, which is used in the frontend as title-tag. 
    • Position: In this you can define the position of the shop which will matter in the language dropdown in the frontend. 
    • Virtual URL: If you would like, you can enter a virtual URL.
    • Currency: In this you can select the main currency that will be available in your language shop. In this case, “Euro” is selected for a new German shop.
    • Localization: Here you can see multiple localization options available. In this, you can select your shop locale.
    • Category: In this, you can choose the category previously created as the root category for your main shop. This is necessary because categories cannot be translated.
    • Customer group: Select the default customer group for your shop.


    That’s all about the Basic shop setting in Shopware 5 for any query and issue related to Shopware please create a support ticket here.

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