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    Akeneo India Meetup 2019
    27 July 2019

    Akeneo India Meetup 2019

    On the 27 July 2019, the first-ever Akeneo India Meetup organized by Webkul at its premises.

    We organized the first-ever Akeneo meetup in India and got a massive response from the Akeneo community. There were many participants from the developer community, Business enthusiasts, and eCommerce shop owner.

    After months of planning and preparation, finally, the day came. The event was very special to us. Everyone is excited to listen to Guest speakers as well as our speakers.

    The event was open for all the participants who want to learn about the Akeneo and its future scope and the technologies behind the Akeneo.

    The event was focused on the Journey of the PIM, Akeneo PIM, Tech stack, Akeneo & its future scope, Akeneo best practices, Bulk data upload, Asynchronous and Bulk API, Localization, Products Experience Management.

    There were furthermore topics also discussed in the event like Digital Asset Management, Master data Management, Artificial based data handling(Chatbots & NLP), and PIM onboarder system.

    We were quite nervous and excited before starting the event. But all the nervousness turned into joy and pride when we have found the presence and confirmation of Mr. Fred De Gombert (CEO, Akeneo).

    We had furthermore speakers from Akeneo who were going to deliver the talk about Journey of PIM and Akeneo tech stacks.

    The CEO of InBetween Mr. Alexander Dressler make the event more successful with his presence at Webkul premises. He reached at Webkul before starting the event. He was so much excited about the event.

    At Webkul, Mrs. Prachi welcomes our guest Mr. Alexander with the flower bouquet. Although, it was a better day for us and we have captured all these beautiful never-ending memories with the Camera.

    The event is started with a welcome note by Mr. Saurav Pathak(Business Developer at Webkul). He told why we have arranged this event and what we are going to do in this event.

    Finally, our host for the event Mr. Rahul Piwal start the event and by sharing about the significant accomplishments of Webkul and its journey. He introduced Akeneo and explain the Webkul achievement in the Akeneo.

    Here are the furthermore topics that covered in this event:

    • Akeneo Introduction
    • The journey from Product Information Management to Product Experience Management.
    • The story of the evolution of Akeneo, and vision on the future of the market.
    • How can we implement the job queue stack in Akeneo?
    • Manage the Akeneo Bulk/Asynchronous upload and Speed Optimization?
    • How can we implement Akeneo Best Practices?
    • How can we manage and implement Data Localization in Akeneo?

    After the introduction about the Webkul and event, our host announced for the Mr. Fred talk. Everyone is excited to listen to Mr. Fred(CEO of Akeneo). He started his talk with the word “Namaste” in Akeneo India meetup. He praised the contribution of Webkul in Akeneo for making modules in different domains.

    Mr. Fred told about the Akeneo that it is the most running open-source PIM platform in the World. There are 60k+ users live users of Akeneo who is maintaining their products information with the Akeneo PIM.

    Mr. Fred explained about the Akeneo PIM, Onboarder, and Franklin. He also explained about the initial journey of Akeneo. He told why he named it as “Akeneo”.

    In the end, Mr. Fred said Thanks to all!! and also ensures that he will be available in the next meetup.

    After Mr. Fred talk, our host announced for the quiz round. We Had arranged the quiz round after each talk. In the talk, the participant had a chance to win some exciting goodies.

    Most of the participant gets involved in the quiz and won the goodies like T-Shirt, Pens, Stickers, and chocolates. We have also captured this moment in Camera.

    After that, our host announced the next step in the meetup. He called our next speaker Mr. Adarsh Shukla to represent his topic “Journey of PIM and its future scope“.

    Mr. Adarsh Shukla explained all about the Journey of PIM and its future scope. This talk was very informative.

    Mr. Adarsh included furthermore topics in his talk:

    • Journey of PIM
    • Technology before the PIM
    • Type of PIM and Benefits
    • Different tools for PIM like Master Data Management(MAM), Digital Asset Management(DAM), Product Content Management(PCM), and PIM onboarder system.

    After this, we had organized a quiz round. Now our host of the event announced the next talk of Mr. Alexander Dressler (CEO, InBetween). Everyone was excited to hear Mr. Alexander at Webkul premises.

    He was going to present all about the “How to publish with Akeneo using InBetween” in first Akeneo India meetup. In his presentation, he shows how can we connect Akeneo with Adobe Indesign and how can we export the product from Akeneo.

    Print extension is specially meant for managing and exporting data for print catalog data, magazines, brochures, leaflets, or any other print material.

    Finally, the attendees had some questions and Mr. Alexander replied and explained well.

    After the Mr. Alexander presentation, There was break time and all the attendee’s had pizza and cold drinks. We have some chat with Mr. Alexander then some of the attendees also get interacted with him.

    After the break, we moved to our next steps. Now, our host announced for the next presentation of Mr. Salvatore Accaputo(CEO, EIKONA/Tessa).

    He was going to represent “Tessa Integration with Akeneo” in first Akeneo India meetup. Tessa is a digital asset management software for storing digital asset like images, videos, files, and others.

    He told about creating the asset in Tessa, editing, managing, and integrating the asset in Tessa DAM then he explains how can we integrate the Tessa DAM with Akeneo. It was a knowledgeable talk and everyone was impressed with the Tessa features.

    After Mr. Salavatore presentation, we had arranged a quiz rounds again. The attendees get another chance to win the goodies.

    After the quiz round, our host announced for the next presentation by Mr. Tanguy Meriadec(Akeneo Sales Manager). He was going to present all about the “Akeneo History from PIM to PXM(Product Experience Management)” as well as “Why Product Experience Management matters to Businesses?”. It was great to hear the Akeneo journey.

    Mr. Tanguy included furthermore topics in his talk:

    • History of Akeneo.
    • Why PIM?
    • What is PXM compared to PIM?
    • The Akeneo offering in PXM.
    • How Akeneo helps retailers gain maturity in PXM?
    • What is Product Experience Management(PXM)? Why Product Experience Management matters to Businesses?

    After this, we have another presentation from Akeneo. Our host announced the next presentation of Mr. Benoit Jacquemont(CTO and co-founder) and Mr. Romain Monceau(Akeneo Lead developer/Technical Consultant) who were going to represent “Job Queue Stack in Akeneo“.

    It was a combined presentation by both the speakers. This talk was very beneficial for the attendees who work on the Akeneo. They can easily understand “how the Export job queue stack” works in the Akeneo.

    Finally, the moment came for which we are waiting curiously. Our developers were going to present their topics in the meetup.

    Our host announced the name Mr. Navneet Kumar(Software Developer at Webkul) for the next presentation. Everyone was excited to listen to him because he is leading Webkul Akeneo department.

    He represented the topic “How to implement Asynchronous and Bulk API“.

    Mr. Navneet Kumar included these points in his presentation:

    • Asynchronous/ Synchronous Request
    • How to export the data to other channels using Akeneo CSV Feature
    • Exporting Data to other channels using the APIs
    • How to implement the Bulk API.
    • Exploring Message Brokers.
    • Implement the Bulk API in Magento2 Akeneo Connector.

    He shared very knowledgeable information and working of the API request and response in the Akeneo.

    Now, the next presentation of our Akeneo developer Mr. Aman Srivastava(Software Developer at Webkul). He was going to explain about “Akeneo best practices“. The presentation was very important for the developers who are working on the various PHP framework like Laravel, Symfony and want to follow best coding practices.

    Mr. Aman included furthermore topics in his talk:

    • Formation of creating Akeneo Projects
    • Akeneo Reusable Bundle
    • Behat
    • Coding Convention
    • Coding standard

    At last in the row of presentation, now Mr. Firoj Ahmad(Software Developer at Webkul) was going to represent his topic. He was going to represent “Data Localization in Akeneo” as well as its usage.

    It was a very informative topic and beneficial to the merchants as well as business enthusiasts who were running their eCommerce shop in different languages and want to manage it from one place.

    Mr. Firoj included these topics in his presentation:

    • What is data localization?
    • The data localization needs
    • What is the channel?
    • What is an attribute?
    • How to make products information localized?

    Now it was the time to say goodbye and distributing the goodies among the attendees. Our host called Mr. Alexander for the Momento session.

    Mr. Alexander came on the stage and praised the way we have organized this meetup. Mr. Saurav Pathak gives the Momento and T-shirts to Mr. Alexander.

    Finally, we captured the moment of all the attendees and the speakers in a single frame.

    Thanks, for the contribution of all the sponsors!!! without them, this MeetUp was not achievable.

    Thanks to everyone to make it successful!! We got positive responses from all our Attendees. We are also planning to continue this trend in the Future.

    . . .


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