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    Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter

    Salesforce Advanced Live currency converter is used to update the conversion rate of the currency in salesforce. With the help of this application, User can set the Time frame for auto-updating of currency conversion rates. In addition, there is an option to set the different API to translate the currency.


    • The features automatically update the currencies values based on the current exchange rates
    • It provides the features of auto-updating of currency
    • User can set the Time frame through scheduler for getting the lives rates automatically
    • It retrieves the latest currency rates from Currency Converter API, Fixer, European Central Bank, Currency layer


    Step 2: How to enable Multi-Currency in Salesforce Org

    Go to set up | Company Profile|Manage Currencies and activate the multiple currencies

    Note: Once you enabled the multi-currency in salesforce org. After that, It would not disable again


    Installation and Setup

    Install Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter


    Select the Webkul Live Currency Converter from the App Launcher


    Configure API

    Select the Currency Converter

    You can select the Currency Converter API, Fixer, European Central Bank, Currency Layer

    Note: No need for API to use the European Central Bank once you would set the base currency as Euro from Manage Currencies. After that, It would work


    Go to Company Profile | Manage Currencies and Similarly add the Currency by enabling corporate currency


    Select the currency section and as an instance select at least one currency.


    Now go through the scheduler and select the Time frame for the automated process of a scheduler.

    It provides the above all features to schedule the time frames in hourly, Daily and Weekly


    Now once you have selected the currency and Time frame After that. You would able to see the updated currency conversion rates.

    Go to Company profile| Manage currencies |Conversion rates


    Similarly, you can Select the others API from the scheduler section

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